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Warcraft 2

I started in 1998, on AOLs engage.

Through my 5 year carrer of warcraft 2 I played on almost every sever, was a part of almost every popular clan, and in my prime was able to beat any player who challenged me.

Among the many clans are very famous ones in the warcraft world like; Divine Intervention, Splintered Orcs, Fallen Angels, [24-7], and the most dominate clan in warcraft history, The KGB.

Many people would argue that [24-7] is easily the best warcraft clan on the planet. Beeing a member of both the KGB (KGBagent04) and the [24-7] squad ([24-7]BliZz)my vote is for the KGB.

I established top player status on many different names, WPxPaladin, BliZz, FoRcE, RusheR, and USwest servers most contriversal player Knight_0f_ValoR.

I won the Blizzard Ladder competiton two years running, once on FoRcE, and once with Knight_0f_ValoR. Those are not really that important since only the first two years acually had in competiton in them and I won the 3rd and 4th year, but it is notable that I was 2nd in the Ironman competiton in 2000, which was made up of some of the greatest players of all time.

I had created a clan mid way through 1998, They were called the Wolf Pac, we were considered one of the most talented clans in ENgage history. for about 2 years the clan ran off and on, most core members of the clan retired. The clan is still around as a family, but does not play together anymore, accept WPxRuthless, who is known in the Counter-Strike world as TSN Aenima.

Im my prime in 2001 I established that I could both, dominate on land maps, and on water maps. My best map was Maze, where my estimated total was 389-0. Yes I was never acually beaten on that map, It might be more but I only have 389 ss's of maze wins in my archive. I was tought to play water maps by the famous AFHxSeaEagle, who at the time in 1999 was the undisputed water king. Early into 2000 I overtook my teacher, and he retired. I made him proud my taking wins over famous names such as Kith Kanin, Axolotl,Rush N Rage, and possibly the greatest warcraft player in history, DeathWlker.

Iv been in so many clans I cannot even remeber most of them, if it at any time was popular I was probably in it. I was a part of the AOP which was a very hush hush organization that had counsol members in every clan in warcraft. We scoped out players and how clans were run, it was while a part of the AOP that I was beeing watched by the KGB. Although I didnt know it at the time, I found myself consistantly playing with KGBagent98. Later that year I was invited to join. I accepted.

The thing you must understand about the KGB is that they are a group, not so mucha clan. Beeing a part of the KGB didnt at all mean you couldnt be a part of any other clan.