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Nexusone Programming / OpenGL page



My current GLUT based projects:
BlackJack game
GLClock real time clock
GLball a textured glu sphere

GLUT tutor
Opening a glut window

DEV-C++ 4.0 settings

My Favorite Web Sites

OpenGL homepage
Nate Robins Opengl site.
Top openGL programmer, GLUT for windows library home site, super OpenGL tutor examples.
NeHe OpenGL Great OpenGL tutor site
Cornflake Zone OpenGL with Windows API
Free C/C++ compilers with openGL support
DEV-C++ Free GNU C/C++ compiler with GUI interface
Lcc-Win32 Free C/C++ compiler with GUI interface
News for Geeks


6/26/2007 wow, where has the time gone... I am now using Fedora 7 and XP on a dual boot system.
My new site is on Eric Stringer