Mungkie Associates Inc.

Better Computing through obfuscation and misapropriation

Download from the ibiblio site with the button below.

Current version is: 1diskx-1.2.10 (01 March 2004, Happy new year, this year we can finally say is the year of the mungkie)
  • ibiblio seems to have broken its uploads system?, but may eventually provide a new version here: should be here?
  • Berlios have generously provided ftp space here (this is currently the best place to download)

    IBIBLIO seems to have removed recent versions from its database but you could still try checking here!


    email requesting a copy by email. In order to recieve a copy by email you must subscribe to the project on freshmeat! by emailing a copy of your freshmeat homepage to us. this option is currently only available in special circumstances due to the number of e-mail bouces we have recieved.

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