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Manitoba Branch World Federalist Association

Would you like to have a voice at the international level?

Read on to find out more about the WFA and how you can take part locally...

Excerpts from A Vision of the World

"We World Federalists meeting in Montreux at the first international congress of the World movement for World Federal Government, call upon the peoples of the world to join us in our work.

We are convinced that mankind connot survive another world conflict. Two years have passed since the fighting ended, but Europe and Asia are still strewn with the wreckage of war.

The work of rehabilitation is paralysed; the peoples suffer from lack of shelter, food and clothing, while the nations waste their substance in preparing to destroy each other. The second attempt to preserve peace by means of a world organisation, the United Nations, is powerless, as at present constituted, to stop the drift of war."

The Manitoba Branch of the World Federalists Association is a local outlet for Manitobans to express our opinions on World issues at a local level. We hold meetings every third Sunday of the month at the Howard Johnson Hotel which is located on Ellice and Century. The next meeting is February 18th and absolutely everybody is welcome. If you would like to attend a meeting, or just find out more, contact us at Unfortunately, there is no phone number to contact, so if you don't have a computer to send us an e-mail, come down to the meeting anyway. You can also explore the World Federalist Association main page by clicking on the link I have placed below, it's an excellent place to start educating yourself on current World issues. Click on it and check it out!

Famous quotes about World Federalism...

On the topic of World Government...

"Internationalism does not mean the end of individual nations. Orchestras don't mean the end of violins."

-Golda Meir, Ex-Prime Minister of Israel

On the topic of what World Federalism is...

" For this is the essence of World Federalism, to seek to invest legal and political authority in world institutions to deal with problems which can only be treated adequately at the global level, while affirming the sovereignty of the nation-state in matters which are essentially internal."

-From World Federalist Association statement of purpose

All e-mail can be sent to the above address to the contact name of our branch president Karl Grupe

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