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Datación por Racemización de Aminoácidos

Principios, técnicas y aplicaciones

Policarp Hortolà

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A book of usefulness to paleobiologists, archaeologists, anthropologists, forensic physicians and related professions

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Barcelona: Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona, 1998; collection Tècnica, No. 1; 102 pages; illustrations; 15 x 21 cm; paperback; ISBN 84-8338-011-0. Distributed by Midac Llibres S.L., Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 160, E-08004 Barcelona; tel. +34-934.211.738, fax +34-933.327.837. Price (including VAT): € 11.32.

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The knowledge of the bases the numerical dating methods of the paleontologic, bioarchaeologic, anthropologic or forensic materials are basen on, is a
sine qua non precondition in order to correctly interpret the results obtained in the laboratory instrumental analysis of either ancient or modern samples, buried in determined conditions which will often vary from one to other site or crime scene. Especially addressed to the scholars of the Experimental Sciences, the Archaeology and the Medicine, the objective of this work is to serve as an easy but complete guide of the scientific bases and of the putting into practice of the method of
sample age determination from the estimate of the racemization speed of the amino acids on those which the proteins of the animal skeletal tissues and the plant wood base its primary structure.

SOME OF THE BOOK ITEMS. Presentation (Prof. Dr. David Serrat). Proteins and amino acids: biochemical bases. The amino acid racemization as a dating method. Sample collecting. Sample treatment. Analysis techniques. Examples of datings. Advantages and inconvenients of the Amino Acid Racemization Dating. Summary and general conclusions. Selected bibliography.

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