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Mungkie Associates Inc.

Better embedded Computing through obfuscation and misapropriation

2-Disk Xwindow embedded Linux

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2-Disk Xwindow embedded Linux    

    A very efficient Linux/xwindows distribution, implementing a net centric operating environment and user friendly GUI:

Embedded UPDATE Overview

 This update has been produced 22nd October 2008 to give some further information about this original version of the 2diskxwin system and make available the last build of the glibc version (build date 12 May 2003). Current development of the system no longer focuses on a glibc binary distribution and there are no plans for future releases. That said the source build system is available to all and building a distribution around glibc is staightforward for anyone that needs it. This site is provided for historical reasons, you should check for the source distribution and all further development

The final release is available below:
the definitive information is available on Freshmeat

System Features

    The system is formed from a basic set of GNU/open source code optimized for size and speed. The use of linux gives developers access to thousands of applications and utilities to customise the system at zero cost.

    2diskxwin also includes a number of proprietary tools created by Mungkie specifically for the embedded X window system desktop.


    The floppy system requires a minimum 386SX with 8Mb memory, VESA compliant graphics bios, a floppy disk drive, a supported network adapter.

Support & Feedback

    We welcome Feedback on bugs and features but......
No support will be given unless you have a registered version.
No waranty is given, no liability accepted, use at your own risk!


You may download from this site or one of our mirrors:

Download page

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