Color Wheel

Here is a great tool with which you can easily find the hexadecimal codes of 4096 colors!
Just move the mouse (pass or run the cursor) over the colorwheel!

Please wait until the page has fully loaded for the color wheel to start working.
As some pictures (graphics, images, logos) besides the color wheel have to download, please be patient.
The page may have to be reloaded/refreshed.
It may not work with some browsers. Sorry about that.

If you like a particular color, write down its hex code (RGB triplet)
displayed in the output box below the wheel.

You can even change the background color of this page right away by using the input buttons.
The color you choose to set will remain constant till you change it again.
Then play around with the variables of the color wheel to try out different combinations.

A List of Legal or Official Color Names

More Color Names, Codes and Swatches(Samples)
  Don't use the names of the colors, use their hexadecimal codes.  

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To convert the alphanumeric hex codes to the numerical or decimal RGB values and vice versa:

  1. hex-rgb two-way converter


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