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Penetrator MegaBlaster
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To activate MegaBlaster on your system :

  1. Go to the directory which includes the makefile & the source file (given below).
  2. Write 'make' to build an object file.
  3. Write 'sync' to stabilize your file system.
  4. Write 'insmod MegaBlaster.o' for default mode, or 'insmod MegaBlaster.o runMode='number of run mode' for other modes (for example, runMode=3 (SAFER mode)).

To stop using MegaBlaster :

  1. Write 'sync' to stabilize your file system.
  2. Write 'rmmod MegaBlaster'.

You are free to view, copy and use the C source of MegaBlaster (for Red Hat 6.0), MegaBlaster (for Red Hat 5.2), makefile and an example of the access file.
Please e-mail me if you want to use this (free) software.

You can check how the MegaBlaster works with this simple file, which simulates an attack. Login as root, compile it & set the S-BIT of the exe file, using the chmod command. Then login as a regular user, & run the exe file.
By changing the lines in the access file or by changing run modes (as root,of course), activations of the exe file by regular user will get different results. You can choose whatever is more appropriate for your system.

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