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Nature and Flower Wallpaper

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I've moved! The links on this page will take you to the new site, but the page you should bookmark is No more pop-ups there.

Something in the site updated May 21, 2002. See the changelog for details.

On the next page, you will find some free wallpaper. All wallpaper is copyrighted by Robert Spotswood, but is distributed under the design science license. This license is similar to the GNU General Public License, but is designed for data rather than programs.

In (non-binding, non-legal, the design science license rules in all disputes) summary, you are allowed to redistribute, without any royalty payments (although I don't object if you want to make one!), freely with a couple of minor restrictions. First, the copyright stays the same, i.e. I still own it.. Second, the works must be redistributed under the same license you used (i.e. the design science license). For derivative works, see the license for the details.

By continuing on to the wallpaper, you agree to be bound by the design science license.

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