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Urania, Louisiana

Urania History

In the late 1890's, Henry E. Hardtner became interested in the sawmill business which led him to purchase a tract of land and a sawmill south of the present-day Urania.

Living around this mill was really rough, a condition Hardtner set about to remedy by moving the living quarters a mile to the north. The peace and quiet combined with the beauty of the towering pine trees of the new site was a welcome relief. Because of the atmosphere, the name Urania, which means heavenly, was selected by Hardtner for his new home site.

Founded in 1898, Urania evolved from a small sawmill of a few hundred feet daily production to one of the nation's largest sawmill operations, sending its products to all parts of the world.

Henry E. Hardtner conceived and practiced a program of reforestation. His experiments with forestry, along with improved logging methods and cutting practices began early in the 1900's and their real value in forest conservation's was recognized 35 to 40 years later. Urania has been the laboratory for hundreds of forestry experiments that has been of great value to the timber and lumber industry of the nation.

Present-day Urania
Population in Urania is approximately 700 made up of 313 families.  The small town of Urania, Louisiana is rich in the history of forestry in Louisiana.  The farsighted and innovative initiatives of Henry and Quinton Hardtner are a part of this heritage.  Urania came to be known as the home of reforestation in the South.
Today the area timber industry has down sized to a plant that employs approximately 160 personnel.  The population of the town and surrounding area is made up of families with low to moderate incomes.  Approximately 15% of the population is made up of Senior Citizen's.

 We Have:

Our Mayor & Town Council consist of 6 members:

Town of Urania
P. O. Box 339
Urania, La. 71480
(318) 495-3452
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