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3/20/01- Visit my new site! click here!

3/17/01- New affiliate

3/11/01- Whooa long time since an update. Sorry about that. I didn't have anything to update with so if you have an opinion or fanfiction please send it my way and it will added soon! Lastly a new affiliate has been added so check it out!

3/6/01- Added new poll. More will be added later today :)

3/4/01- Fanfiction by A. Price added today.

3/3/01-Fanfiction by A. Price. I also changed the set-up the fanfiction section.I am still working on it so most likely there will be no episode guides and quotes.

3/1/01- Fanfiction by Moe was added. Episode guides were also added.

2/28/01- A new poll add. More will be added later today.

2/27/01- Fanfiction by Stephanie was added. New opinion question and quotes and episode guides added.

2/26/01- There earlybirdd review was added today.

2/25/01- There is a contest now please check it out Here!!
Fanfiction, Quotes, Episode guides added too!

2/24/01- Fanfiction added. More will be aded later.

2/23/01- Fanfiction by Moe added and a message borad. And quotes and episode gudes will be added later.

2/22/01- Fanfiction by Dawn snd an opinion was added today. Quotes and Episode guides will be added later today.

2/21/01- Fanfiction by moe was added today. A new poll and quotes were also added.

NOTE: I just realized I never posted the early bird review. its 7:30 now so it isnt really an earlybird review now but I posted it anyway.(sorry!)

2/20/01- More fanfiction was added today:) There will not be any episode guides or quotes added today. (Sorry)
Also Don't for get tonite's all NEW episode Buffy is on!

2/19/01- Fanfiction by Moe was added. There are a few new affiliates so check them out. Episode guides and quotes will be added later today.

2/18/01-(again) I decided to have challenges for the fanfiction section so if you have one please email me it and it will be on here ASAP.

2/18/01- There most likely will be no fanfiction , quotes, and episode guides. The reason is I am working on the layout.But there is finally an opinion on the opinion section!

2/17/01- A new affiliate was added and fanfic by samantha. Episode guides and quotes will be added later on today.

2/16/01- Fanfiction by Moe and Willow Love. And as always episode summaries.

2/15/01- A lot of stories added today! By Moe, Mary Ellen, and Willow Love check it out. (plus quotes and episode guides.

2/14/01-(again) New fanfiction by Moe. A new poll, quotes, and episode guides.

2/14/01- Happy Valentines day! This Site has been open a month exacty today! Today I will post the other updates coming later.

2/13/01- Fanfiction by Karen and Quote and Episode guides were added today.

P.S Don't forget to watch tonite's all NEW Episode!


2/12/01- I was not able to get the early bird review this morning but when I do get it I will post it. Also check back later for fanfiction, quotes, and episode guides.

2/11/01- Mending Fences by Samantha was added today and a I got a new button if you want to see it go to affiliates. Later today quotes ans episode guides will be added.

2/10/01- Not much of an update because all I did was add affiliates, a webring page, and changed the color of every page. I promise tomorrow there will be a bigger update :)

2/9/01- Only 1 new story today by Nicole. This weekend there most likely will only be fanfiction (No Quotes or Episode Guides) Because as you can see I am working on a new look for the site! Please Email me and tell me what you think of the new look! Lastly I am looking for affiliates if you're interested E-mail me!(link at the bottom of page)

2/8/01- Quotes and Episode guides and 1 new story by Nicole.( Trouble comes calling.) 2/7/01- 1 story by Samantha added. No quotes or episode guides...sorry.

2/7/01- Sorry about no update yesterday but there will be one today. There is a new poll so cast your vote and more will be added later today.

2/5/01- Full length summary of tuesday's new episode blood ties.( In early bird revies section.) Episode guides,quotes, and fanfiction will be added later today.

2/4/01-New fanfiction:

Going Home By Samantha

Also Episode guides and quotes added.

2/3/01- Episode guides and quotes added. Two new stories too:

Born Again By: Samantha

A Night at the Golden Apple

2/2/01- Late update today. 2 new stories added today by Nicole and Samantha( A new friend and Emma). And of course more quotes and episode summaries were added today.

2/1/01- More Quotes and Episode guides were added. Also two new stories were added:

The dark By Nicole

Small Sacrifices By Samantha

1/31/01-2 new stories by Nicole and Samantha. More episode guides and quotes added check them out.

1/30/01- Nothing added except a new story by Nicole and some episode guides added.