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This is where people can say what they are thinking about the show. There maybe a topic, but I will always take an opinion on anything.


What's your opinion on what happened to Joyce? Quick! Email me your answer!(Link below)

The Opinions


If you could bring back one character who would you bring back and why? Also what would they do if they were back? Email me your opinion (link below)

Past Opinions

For Angel, I would want he and Buffy to get back together. I'm a huge B/A shipper, and I really think BtVS has gone downhill since David's departure. (But on the other hand, Angel is a remarkable show, which I find myself favoring to Buffy)

If I were to bring Dru back I would have a Spike/Drusilla reunion. I was extremely disappointed with the way Crush turned out. I'm also a huge S/D shipper, and I really dislike Spike's love for Buffy. I hope Spike finds a way to remove the chip and find his way back to his *true* love, Drusilla.~ Alana

If i could bring anyone back it would have to be dru. i loved her! She was funny, crazy, and she dated spike! she is awesome and I miss her! ~Rose

If I could bring anyone back to the show, it would be Oz. He was the coolest character on the show and he and Willow were the best couple. I miss him, his looks, his comedy, and his relationship with Willow. He was a great asset to the show. He would reunite with Willow and show her how they belonged together and he could help out with the intellectual stuff. Also, he would reunite with the members of Dingoes Ate My Baby. And as Xander stated on Tuesday, February 20th's show, "I miss Oz." Love, Natalie

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