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Here's some info and pics on the beast.

I purchased my Bronco on August 12th, 2002. I paid $650 so of course it has it's glitches.

Current Glitches: 1. Burns oil. 2. Leaky valve cover gaskets 3. Leaky rear seal 4. Cracked windshield 5. Passenger side axle pivot bushing shot 6. Possible clog somewhere in engine that causes oil pressure to build at highway speeds until oil start spewing from the crankcase breather 7. Broken right tail light 8. Bad sending unit for fuel gauge

Things fixed: Drivers side front fender replaced, front end sag has been fixed thanks to new coils and gas shocks, and rear window motor gears have been replaced.

It was produced 10/31/79 with the following options: 105" wheelbase, tach, bright grille-chrome, GVW is 6,300 pnds, Reuseable filter air cleaner, automatic tranny, 3.50 locking rear axle, limited slip front axle, P235/75Rx15RWL Tires, Dual Mirrors Chrome Swinglock low mount 6x9, cruise control, air conditioning, am radio, console, dual electric horns, auxiliary oil cooler, super cool, radiator, heavy duty battery 63 amp, increased capacity fuel tank, Dark Caramel w/ Gold Desert Metallic Accent Exterior Colors, Chamois Fiberglass Roof, Rear seat forward facing, Cloth and Vinyl Captain Chairs-Caramel trim color, tinted glass all around, security lock and protection groups, landau tutone.

My truck was pretty ugly because of the front fenders, so I named it The Beast, but hey, the dents add character! Here's some info on the beast:

Year: 1980 XLT
Engine: 351 Modified, 2 barrel carb
Front Axle: Dana 44IFS / Limited slip diff
Rear Axle: Ford 9" / locking Diff
Transmission: Automatic C6
Audio: Pioneer DEH-P3000 Super Tuner III Cd Player, two 5 1/2" two way Boston's, two 6x9" two way Jensen's, one 15" Sony Explode XS-L151P5, and one Pyramid 1000 Watt amp PB449X
Misc: Tinted window's, super blue headlights, 10" blue neon tube, blue neon under car kit not yet installed, two 30 inch tubes and two 54 inch tubes.

Phase One -

Mod's within the next 6 months - Remanufactured 460 swap with four barrel carb and dual exhaust, D44 Solid Axle Swap, 33x12.50R15 Goodyear Wrangler MTR's, new sending unit for fuel gauge, after market oil pressure gauge, water temp gauge, and tranny temp gauge.

Mod's within the next 12-18 months - Light rack, four KC Daylighter Titanium 6" Round 130 watt spotlights, and two 6" KC Stainless Steel 100watt Flood Lights, on board air, new shocks in back, Camoflauge paint job like a military truck, racing seats, cage, five point harness, two fire extinguishers, and bedline the entire floor from front to back.

Phase Two -

Mod's within the next 24 -30 Months - Box the Frame, Dana 60 Front, Dana 60 or 70 Rear, 38 - 40 Inch Boggers, 8 Inch Suspension Lift, 3 Inch Body lift, custom front and rear bumper with a 12-15,000pnd warn winch in Front, F-350 Brake Booster and Master Cylinder, still insure of what gears I'm gonna run, but I will have an ARB air locker front and rear.

Here's some pics of my Bronco, they're not very good but I've got some better ones on the other pages.

Those are the wires for my system, they're all hidden away nice and neat beneath the carpet now.

Click on the arrow to see pics from my coil and shock change!

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Thanks for coming visit me at my lil neck of the web, c-ya later.