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Fire Apparatus - Texas

Most of the Texas apparatus I have shot is up in the panhandle part of the state. I hope to be adding Houston if I ever get back over that way.

Last updated November 3, 2002

Now this is what I call a reserve engine. Ladder 23 is assigned to Station 7 to replace their Ladder 7 while its in the shop. This is a 2001 American LaFrance 75' ladder of the Amarillo Fire Department in Amarillo, Texas.

Equally as nice is this 1998 Freightliner/American LaFrance pumper of the Amarillo Fire Department in Amarillo, Texas.


Dallas FD.

The Dallas FD uses Quality pumpers as seen here with Engine 18 assigned to Station 18 in the downtown area of Dallas, TX.

Rescue 18 runs as a rescue and EMS unit and is assigned to Dallas FD at Station 18 in the downtown area.

Dallas FD.

Engine 4 belongs to the Richardson (TX) FD and is a 1999 Quality with a AI ladder. Although the truck is equipped with a ladder it is run as an engine.

Rescue 4 is a 2001 SVI/Spartan and is equipped to handle any rescue mission. It is operated by the Richardson FD, located just north of Dallas, TX.

Just across the street from the ATSF depot museum is the Saginaw Fire Department in downtown Saginaw, Texas. Their ladder seen here is a 1981 Sutphen 100' ladder classified as T-14.

Having topside controls this KME paramedic/pumper is one of several pumpers with the Saginaw (TX) Fire Department.

I was surprised to find another Sutphen ladder in north Texas, but I did with this 1985 model with a 100' ladder. Aerial Platform 1 is part of the Wichita Falls (TX) Fire Department located in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Engine 1 is a 2002 Pierce Dash model with the Wichita Falls (TX) Fire Department.

Now this is really neat to say the least. The former city bus is divided into two with the front half used for command and the rear section as a rehab station. The bus is a Ameribus model, no year is available. It belongs to the Wichita Falls (TX) Fire Department.

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