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Fire Apparatus - Oklahoma

Boardman is a former state of Oklahoma fire apparatus manufacturer. There are lots of Boardman trucks from what I have seen in my short visit to the state. Boardman has now been bought out by American LaFrance which is another popular truck in the state. I have only seen one Pierce.

Last updated November 4, 2002

Burns Flat, OK is located south of Foss. Now you wonder where in the world is Foss well it is located between Elk City and Clinton just off of interstate 40. This is Burns Flat Volunteer Fire Company's "new" 1972 Mack CF they just purchased from a New Jersey fire company.

Remember me telling you about not ever seeing a Chevy fire truck from the 60's era, well here's another rare one, a GMC pumper belonging to the Burns Flat Volunteer Fire Company in Oklahoma.

One of the oldest pieces in the Canute, OK fire department is the very unusual 1964 Chevy Spartan/Boardman pumper. This was a Spartan cab before Spartan was an apparatus manufacturer. I guess you can say it was one of the first “Spartan” cabs. This is the first time I have seen a Chevy like this which was normally Ford territory during that 60’s era.

Note the lines on this 1992 Ford 900/Pirsch pumper. This is another first for me. I never have seen a Pirsch quite like this one that belongs to the Canute (OK) fire department.

Probably Canute, OK fire department’s best piece is this 1982 Duplex/Oren tanker. It is a former Broad Brook, Ct engine before retiring to the redlands of Oklahoma. Canute also has a Hahn pumper from New Jersey in chrome yellow and a couple of former military trucks in their fleet as well.

A very nice looking and probably one of the last Boardman tankers produced is Clinton (OK) Fire Department's Engine 91 a Spartan/Boardman tanker.

This 2000 Freightliner/American LaFrance is the newest piece operated by the Clinton (OK) Fire Department.

Used as a brush truck, this 1999 International/SMP (Steiner Manufacturing) truck belongs to the Clinton (OK) fire department.

A mid-mount 75’ ladder is on this 1982 Ford 8000/Boardman ladder truck belonging to the Clinton (OK) fire department.

Although not officially an Air Force base any more, one of the longest runways in the USA is situated at this former airbase in Burns Flat, OK. This 1995 E-One/Teledyne P-23 crash truck is operated by the Air Force since the runway is still used for touch and goes by the military at this civilian industrial airpark.

Twin to the previous 1995 E-One/Teledyne P-23 seen here in Burns Flat, OK.

Looking very similar to the tanker I photographed at Dover AFB in Delaware is this 1993 International/Westmark P-26 tanker at Clinton-Sherman field in Burns Flat, OK.

Used for rescue is this 1985 Chevy P-10 truck belonging to the Clinton-Sherman fire department in Burns Flat, OK.

Very common in the area are military trucks converted to fire department use. Most are duce and a halfs like this one belonging to the Clinton-Sherman fire department in Burns Flat, OK.

This is a privately owned 1941 truck posed here along Route 66 near Foss, Oklahoma. C. W. Murphy is the owner of this very rare truck. Anyone out there recoginize the manufacturer?

Yet another new Pierce, this time the Contender. See the Enforcer operated by Goulds Fire Department in Gretna, LA. Elk City (OK) fire department is the owner of this 2000 Pierce and it looks pretty good. Biggest difference between this one and other Pierce trucks is the grill from what I can see.

This 1990 Ford/Boardman ladder has a 55’ Apache ladder. Note the body lines past the rear portion of the cab. Looks similar to the Ford/Pirsch of Canute, OK. This Boardman is part of the Elk City (OK) fire department’s fleet of trucks.

Getting closer to Oklahoma City and the population, El Reno is a railroad town located west of the big city. Noted for the grain elevators and a trolley that runs around town on rails. This is the El Reno Fire Department's 2000 Sutphen quint with a 75' ladder.

El Reno Fire Department has another unusual piece with this 1999 Precision Fire Apparatus with a Spartan cab.

Rescue 3 is a 2000 Freightliner/American LaFrance owned by the El Reno (OK) Fire Department.

Most of the guys in OK were shocked to learn of this blue fire truck right in the middle of their state. Nicoma Park is located just east of downtown Oklahoma City, OK. This is a 2001 Freightliner/American LaFrance. This is also the only blue truck that they have at the present time.

I have to go back to Oklahoma City, OK to shoot the rear of either this E-One or the next one posted. This engine is quite unique because the engine was mounted in the rear and is the first “Pusher” fire engine I have come across. Engine 5 is their newer hazmat unit.

This 1993 E-One hazardous materials truck assigned to the same station as the previous posted truck in Oklahoma City, OK.

Some very nice equipment is found in Weathford, OK as seen here with this 1996 International/Boardman rescue truck. Boardman, of Oklahoma, was bought out by American LaFrance.

Topside controls are found on this 2001 American LaFrance Metropolitan that belongs to the Weathford (OK) Fire Department.

This 2000 Ford F-350 is a neat looking brush truck operated by the Weathford (OK) Fire Department.

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