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P.A.W.S. Cat Happy Tails


Dijon is a lovely cat,her color is so unique.She is so loving.
Dijon gets alone with most cats and never meets a stranger.
Of course she loves lounging around in her bed.

Whitbee is a great cat,so friendly and he does well with other cats.
All of our cats at P.A.W.S. love hanging out together.
If you are thinking about adding a cat to your house please consider Whitbee.
Come Visit Me At P.A.W.S. !


Kilo is grown now, he is nearly one year old.He is a sweet young cat and gets along with other cats and likes some dogs if introduced correctly.

Come Visit Me At P.A.W.S.


Up-Date on Savannah!
This is Savannah Today,she is a lot older and more grey.She has given up on a home of her own. She spends most of her day in her bed sleeping and when you come into the room she looks up at you as if to say thanks for looking after me.
This is Savannah's Story and what a story.A wonderful cat thrown away and rescued from death.
Savannah's Story (rescued from sure death May 6,2003)

Savannah spent her life as an inside only cat, she was fat and very content, but one day her people brought her to the pound, they told the attendant that she refused to share her litter pan with the other feline's in the home.

Litter pans must be very expensive these days, so her people couldn't get another one for her.

Savannah was spoiled and then thrown away.

We had Savannah Vet Checked & spayed. Then around June 18th we noticed she had a knot in her side, she is lucky the tumor was removed and it wasn't cancer.
Savannah is doing very well these days, and she really would love to have her own 
home again to just lounge around in and spend the rest of her life in comfort.
Savannah is about five years old and quite a pretty lady.



Luna is a precious little kitten, rescued by one of our volunteers. She was very skinny when she was found roaming in the neighborhood. Now she is with a foster mom and is gaining lots of weight and is a happy kitten.

Black Cat

This another beautiful black cat, he also does well with other cats. He is looking to find his forever home.


Freckes and Brick were rescued by a lady who's neighbor was trying to kill they with anti-freeze. They are safe now here at P.A.W.S. and looking for someone to care for them and give them plenty of love.
Look at this great cat, she is so beautiful. . .
She is getting use to being with lots of other cats.All our cats lounge around in a big room full of toys and things to climb on.

Moma Cat

Moma Cat is a wonderfully sweet girl. She came to us with kittens and her eye was a mess.She took care of her kittens and after they were big enough to get homes, she had surgery on her eye and was adopted too.Now she is back with us because her people were allergic to her.She is a great cat if you want a cat that is very loving to everyone, this is the cat.

Sponge Bob
What a precious kitten. He is very curious and loves playing and checking out all the new things in his young life.


Scarey Cat
This cute kitten was brought to P.A.W.S. after she nearly got hit by a truck.What a lucky girl that a nice lady saw this and rescued her. She loves attention altho she tries to act like she doesn't. But we have her all figured out now and she is a great little kitten. She has a cute little round face with big eyes.

Contessa Pearl


This pretty lady was rescued from the pound with two kittens that look just like her.
Contessa Pearl is a very nice cat she loves to lounge around and look pretty.
She is still not sure about the people in this world,but if you pet her,she will lay still as long as you want to love on her.. She still doesn't want to be picked up but will lay beside you as long as you like..As you can see she has gotten pretty heavy from all her inactivity. Contessa is really looking for her forever home.


G.K. is at PetsMart,but probably not for long.She is such a cute and playful kitten's.She is missing her siblings and is looking for her forever home.


Button's is a long haired beauty. She is as sweet as she is beautiful.


Moma has seven kittens, they are all so beautiful.Moma really needs to find her forever home.Poor baby has a front paw that is broken,unfortunately this is an old injury and may not be fixable. We will have to wait until the kittens are weened before we can get anything done if that is a possibility.Keep this sweet cat in mind if you would be able to give a handicapped cat her forever home.

Cougar's Kittens

Three Kitten's left all girls!
We have seven of these kittens in this litter. They are so playful and cute!!



I am a four month old domestic medium hair, Calico.I am very loving and would love to have my very own home.
Please come visit me at P.A.W.S.    

Miss Woody


Miss Woody got her name from being rescued on the side of the road on Woodlawn Hwy.
She was a tiny bundle, her eyes were all clouded over and stuck together.
Vivain thought she might be blind, but with all the care she received she is perfectly healthy now and is also very sweet.



Tai is a Beautiful Girl!!! Tai makes a good decoration for your printer or on top of anything high. She loves lounging around all day.

Pie and Ice Sweet Kittens

More babies,wow!! Kitten season is diffently here. All cute kittens

Come over to Petsmart and meet any of our cats that are their. P.A.W.S. also has other cats at our shelter. You can fill out an on-line application if you see a cat you would like. or e-mail us or call 504 392-1601.

Online Cat Application

All of our cats have tested negative for feline leukemia, up-to-date on their shots and have been spayed or neutered.

If there's any animals that you are interested in, please feel free call me or email me.

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