In Memory of
December 29,2007 - December 22, 2020

Our Big Boy
Gift of the Ladybug

Sweet Boy


It was sometime in February 2008. Emily was living with us and her dog Altair had been diagnosed with cancer and was given 2 months to live. Altair was a black and white Border Collie. Emily went to the grocery store one day and as she walked in she saw some people with a box that said puppies for sale. She looked in the box and there was only one puppy left and he looked just like Altair. Emily wanted him but could not decide what to do. So she went back to her car to think about it and turned the radio on. Playing was the song THE SPACE BETWEEN. This was the song from Luke's service. So she called me and asked what she should do. I said... I think you are supposed to get him, so she did. She came home with this adorable little ball of black and white fluff that she needed to name. Her dog Altair was named because of a star that was next to Luke's Star in the International Star Registry. So she searched the map of stars and there was a star near the star Altair named Zeta. So that is how our Zeta got his name. He was a crazy little puppy always getting into mischief. We all loved that little dog so much. Then several months later Altair was doing great and he and Emily moved to Pennsylvania. We drove Emily and Altair and Zeta to Pennsylvania, but Zeta came back home with us.

He was now our dog and we were so happy to have him as a part of our family. He and Spooky (our little mixed Basset Hound puppy) became best of friends. Then Jack joined our family and it was fun times always everyday and everywhere we went. After Spooky and Jack died Zeta had his special old age time with us. We did so many things together, and we built a trail around the property and into the forest. We walked that trail everyday with Zeta until his last few weeks when he could no longer walk or stand. Zeta lived a wonderful life with us for almost 13 years.

When he died from old age, Robin and Christine were both on the floor with him. He stared into Robin's eyes for hours until he took his last breath. Every night before Zeta died Christine would whisper in his ear... "You are the best Zeta boy in the whole wide world, we are going to love you forever and ever and we will never ever forget you. He always listened attentively. Then Christine would whisper.... "Remember our secret sign THE LADYBUG. After that Christine would be showered with kissies. Robin always told Zeta to "Wake us if you need us" and the Robin would give him a kiss on his snout. What a blessing he was in our lives.


My parents built a trail for me
So I could walk around our home.
It went into the forest too
A place for me to snoop and roam.

Momma and Daddy came with me
As we walked along my trail.
It made me want to run and wag
....If only I had a tail.

I love my trail into the forest
That they made with love for me
But when I was too weak to walk
They helped me get to the trees.

As I lay there dying
I was never ever alone
I walked my trail one last time
My trail that took me home

As I walked my trail to Heaven
It was like they said it would be.
Luke, Jack, Spooky, Altair & Blue
Were standing there waiting for me.

They were all so glad to see me
And we ran and jumped and played.
Then Luke said "Boys come with me"
"To a trail we're going to take".

We saw a sign named ZETA TRAIL.
As we were running all around,
Chasing Luke into the sun.
While we tumbled to the ground.

We walked passed hills and valleys
And we jumped up to the stars.
Treats were growing on the trees.
There were Ladybugs near and far.

There's no more pain in Heaven
My legs are no longer weak.
And I can sit and stand and run
Way up to the top of the peaks.

When you finally get to Heaven
I will be wagging my long tail
We will all be waiting for you
At the end of Zeta Trail.

By: Christine Ross
In memory of Zeta












Zeta'S STONE (coming soon)

He took his trail home



Christine & Robin held Zeta for 2 hours before and when he passed and felt his last breath holding him

Zeta and Robin looked at each others eyes for the about the last hour

We kept telling him it is OK to go, things will be all OK and he will be much better, we loved him and would miss him, but it is OK to go.

Zeta Died peacefully at 10:43 AM in our arms on 12-22-2020 We cried & cried

Zeta did not like it when Robin sneezed

Zeta loved ice cream making day. He would lick everything

Loves his "cubby hole" in Christine's work room

Zeta would follow Christine everywhere

We called him the cookie monster because he loved cookies and he always got some

He would come and bark at us to hurry up & get ready for our walks

Zeta would bark at Robin then Robin would say go tell mama and would go and bark at Christine

As he got older he slowed way down, but would walk all the way to tracks on the Zeta Trail and all across the property. He always took time to "explore" the woods near the tracks

Would lick our cereal bowls dry. When he got to feeling bad, he would lay in his bed in the bedroom until he saw us eating cereal and then would come into the living room

Laid in the kitchen by the stove when Christine was cooking

On our first motorhome trip to Montana we let all three dogs out to run in a field with a creek about 8 feet down a steep hill and Zeta ran down to the creek and when he tried to come up Robin had to get on his knees and grab him to help him the rest of the way up because it was so steep and deep. We all laughed.

Zeta, Spooky & Jack would run to meet Robin when he came back from walking in the forest

Zeta licked Emily's face over & over in Tulsa when he hadn't seen Emily for 2 years

Zeta was always VERY protective of us and did not like anyone. BUT, in Tulsa at Petsmart to see a vet. a lady working there bent down to Zeta and he licked her in the face. She was pregnant.

Zeta, Spooky and Jack loved to run in the the field east of Durango

Everywhere we let them out they all snooped around. The first one would pee in one spot and the other two would take turns peeing over it.

When Zeta was a puppy he humped everything, Blue in the head and Blue would howl very strangely, a large stuffed animal we bought him at a garage sale.

Zeta chased the UPS man all the way down the driveway

Zeta liked to go to the road near the barn to poop

Zeta Loves his "poop pets" Christine would tell he has the best poop in the whole wide world. Zeta's nub tail would wag 90 mph

Zeta would walk between Robin & Christine on the trail, Christine would lead. If she slowed down Zeta would pass her up.

When we send up a helium balloon, Zeta would jump and try to get and bite the balloon to pop it. We had to hold it up high so he could not reach it.

One winter, several years ago, we had some potatoes that were getting old, so we went into the forest and dropped them in the snow for the forest animals to eat. Then, some time later, a few weeks or so, we went out into the forest behind our house, and as we were coming back, we noticed that Zeta had something in this mouth. Yes, it was a big old potato. He loved the treasure he had found.

Since we needed to keep Zeta separate from Jack & Spooky, Robin would have him wait at the gate until Robin told him it was OK to come. Zeta continued to wait, without Robin telling him, all the way until his last time to go through the gate. He never forgot.

Zeta loved to be outside. When we got back from Tulsa, he stayed on the front porch & would not come inside. We had to feed him on the porch.


10:45 Just 2 minutes after Zeta died, Christin called Emily and Emily knitting a Lady Bug for Zeta because he was so sick

On the radio bringing Zeta to the Crematory:

Buffalo Springfield-Jack

Little Red Wagon-Spooky

The Weight-Luke & Jack

Spirit in the Sky-Zeta

+ Z22 license plate + By the Dog Haus all at the same time--Thank you Zeta

Movie- All Roads Lead Home-WOW-Watching that made us both fell so much better, it confirmed that Zeta is OK and with everyone, One of the puppies name was BOO, from Spooky

On Touched by an Angel someone called their dog....Sweet Boy

12-28-2020- Robin told Christine how Zeta's candle was completely still, "like it is not real". At that instant the flame flickered a LOT. Hey Zeta. Thank you. Then Christine started talking to Zeta and the candle went crazy flickering.

12-28-2020 about 4:30 AM. Robin had woke up and was just getting back to sleep when Robin had a very quick dream. Christine & Robin were in the motorhome, just getting ready to leave the house, the motorhome was still where we park it, and Robin saw all three boys, Zeta, Spooky & Jack, outside on the ground a little behind the drivers seat looking up at Robin, and Robin told them, "come on get in" and they all ran to the other side of the motorhome and Christine opened the door and they were all running in.

12-22-2020- The movie " All Roads Lead Home". It had a puppy & grown up looked just like Zeta, with a tail.

1-08-2021- Robin was taking a nap in his chair about 1PM and he had a dream visit from Zeta. Zeta was walking right by Robin's chair toward where his bed used to be next to the TV. THANK YOU ZETA.

1-9-2021- Christine received an email from Joann's Fabric with a picture that had a ladybug in it. WOW. THANK YOU ZETA.

1-9-2021-Christine was looking on Amazon for red yarn and the search that came up was a red color called LADYBUG-.,WOW,WOW,WOW--THANK YOU ZETA.

1-12-2021--We were watching Touched by An Angel at night. It was about a small town. Robin told Christine that the people had strange names, Pearhead, Sis, Vinegar, Ada(almost like Zeta), Dobbin(almost like Robin). Christine said wait a minute and went and got the box that the dogs paw print clay came in and it is made by "pearhead". WOW, Thank you Zeta and Spooky and Jack and Blue. Great signs from all of yall.

1-15-2021-- Today Christine & Robin were taking the back seat covers and door covers out of the truck and saw Zeta's dog art on the window from his nose. We smiled at the memory while crying. Christine found the letter "Z" on the window. Thank you Zeta.

Christine sold an item on eBay and the persons ID name was Ladybug

Christine was looking at designs for Zeta's stone and the first one that came up was a Ladybug

We Were watching a dog movie and this Ladybug Dog was in the opening credits

(you won't believe this place)


Last Entry in Luke's Journal:

"When there is love in my heart and a smile on my face,
I need nothing else." ~ Luke Ross


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