I am Madame Blue
because I lost you.
Wandering the streets at night,
alone, searching for you.
Can't find you anywhere;
why do I care?
You left me broken-hearted,
again and again.
For years you
made a fool of me.
You say you love me;
but, when does it end,
the torment and pain.?
I am Madame Blue,
searching for love from you.
Can't find it anywhere.
I think of ending it all,
but, I know better.
I have Faith in God.
Where is the path?
The path to eternal love?
Do you know where you are going?
Are you happy tonight?
Are you happy with your life?
Madame Blue is crying,
is crying, is crying over you.
Are you even worth the
useless tears of a fool?
What does the future bring?
Does it bring the darkness
that surrounds me
when I remember you?
Are you still cursing God?
Are you still cursing me?
Do you really know this lady?
Do you know Madame Blue?
I wander around searching
for you through the night.
I am giving up this fight.
I cannot find you,
but maybe someday
I will find myself.

by Dorothy F.Simon
to Steven