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Darkness and Light

...or Why Chatta's with Flora

We get a small tour through Shadowhaunt, showing us many of the monsters living there. We then cut to a prisoner in a cell. It's a man in an iron mask. He says that he senses a shift in the balance of forces, predicting something terrible, and says he needs to get out before it is too late. You can probably guess who this is.

In Pixie Village, a random pixie worries about the flower of life dying, since Icy froze it three episodes ago. THe pixie elder doesn't know. The other pixie states that the entire village will perish if the flower dies. The elder insists she is doing all she can. Not far away are Livy and Glim, with Livy talking to Glim, blaming herself for letting Icy follow her to Pixie Village. Poor Livy. Palladium was fooled too, you know.

Back in Shadowhaunt, in the prisoner's cell again, he decides that he must try to escape, and use a spell that he had only tried on mice before as it is so dangerous. He casts his spell, and turns into a metallic liquid, then reforms outside his chains that were tying him down, though he is now naked. He puts his robe back on, and is relieved that he made it.

In Pixie Village again, Livy and Glim see the Red Fountain ship arrive. Glim looks excited, but Livy is worried that they'll be upset about the Codex. Flora, Layla, Brandon, Sky, and Helia exit the ship, holding the pixies, all sneezing. Livy notices that the pixies don't look too good. Layla says the others were dropped off at Alfea, and they returned right away, that the pixies' immune system must have weakened from being away from the flower of life for so long. Livy apologizes for letting Icy get the Codex. Flora says it's OK, that she knows that Livy tried to save the Codex. The sick pixies complain about being sick. Chatta asks for flower of life tea. Helia thinks it would be a good idea to take some of the tea back with them, but Lockette says they must drink it here. Livy says that the flower of life is sick. Flora and the others go over to look at the flower of life, which is sick. The other pixies in the village says they've been trying everything. Chatta worries that if the flower of life doesn't get better, neither will they. Just in case we couldn't have surmised that ourselves.

At Alfea, Layla says she's just gotten back from Pixie Village. All the students are in the auditorium, with Miss Faragonda spotlighting Bloom, Layla, Musa, Tecna, and Stella as the first five girls of their class to get their Charmix. Faragonda says they will receive special training, and that all the other students will get training starting today as well, in case of an attack by Lord Darkar.

We start in Wizgiz's class, with Wizgiz turning the entire class dark. The five Winx girls use convergence to bright light to the room, and knock Wizgiz down. In Palladium's class, the girls use convergence to shrink a statue in Palladium's class.

Back in the dungeon in Shadowhaunt, the prisoner creates an illusion of himself, still in the shackles. He then escapes the cell--not shown--and escapes Shadowhaunt by jumping into the abyss below. Meanwhile, Lord Darkar contacts Avalon, saying that he needs Bloom. Avalon feels something is wrong, though, and asks if the prisoner is still in Shadowhaunt. Darkar calls him a fool, deluding himself into believing that no one can escape Shadowhaunt. Guess what, Darkar? You're wrong, apparently.


Back at Alfea, we find that Layla had to go back to Pixie Village, but the other four Winx girls are continuing with their training, with Avalon and Griselda. Griselda explains they'll be using beast powder. Avalon says it will measure their winx, and create a worthy opponent for them which will beat them unless they are at the top of their game. A skinny, very very white big-headed winged girl appears before them. Bloom says it doens't look tough, but Griselda assures them that it is, that it's part witch and part space goblin. Avalon concentrates to bring the monster to life to attack the girls. The girls transform to their usual winx forms. The creature runs around, shooting blasts at the girls. Griselda warns that if they don't use their Charmix, it'll beat them. Bloom announces for everyone to use their Charmix: the creature takes the opportunity to blast Bloom, Stella, and Tecna down from behind. Attacking during the exposition! Who would've guessed a bad guy would ever think to do such a thing! Musa declares "Charmix time!" and the four girls change to their Charmix forms. The four girls each take turns attacking to defeat the creature successfully. Bloom says it wasn't so tough, but Griselda says she'll use the powder to create an opponent twice as tough as they are. They're saved by Francis, though, who enters the room to tell the four Winx girls that Faragonda wants to see them, that she's magic messaging Pixie Village. Always nice to see Francis, even if we didn't get any new hints as to her personality this time.

Griselda and the four Winx girls enter Miss Faragonda's office. Through the magic messenger, the Pixie Village elder says that Flora is reluctant to do anything. Flora says her powers aren't that strong, and that Pixie Village could disappear forever if she makes a mistake. Apparently Flora is not considering that Pixie Village will definitely disappear forever if she does nothing. Faragonda tells her not to make a mistake, then.

In the middle of nowhere, the prisoner staggers on.

Back in Pixie Village, Jolly does a reading for Amore, apologizing that she doesn't see love in Amore's future. Livy yells at her, complaining how Jolly could do that to Amore. Jolly tries to comfort Amore slightly, saying the cards aren't always right. We already knew the cards could be wrong from The Fourth Witch, of course. But Jolly is right this time. I mean, we've never seen a male pixie, right? There's a reason for that....

Flora tries something on the flower, which does nothing. Helia puts his hands on Flora's shoulders, and talks about how much heart Flora has, and that he knows she can do it. Flora, this is in case you thought he was being too subtle before. Helia's pep talk encourages Flora, who changes to her winx form, then gives the flower all she has, and winds up reviving the flower. They all cheer, and the flower rains the leaves they need for the tea.

Layla says she'll make the pixies a nice pot of tea.

In Miss Faragonda's office, Faragonda states how proud she is of Flora. Griselda agrees, and also says that if she isn't mistaken, Helia is proud of her too. So Griselda actually notices personal stuff in the students' lives! Who knew?

The pixies are all feeling great after drinking the tea. Glim wants some of the tea too, which seems to really make her happy. Over at the flower, a newborn pixie pops out.

Brandon: That explains the mystery of how pixies... err...
Elder: That's right. This is how pixies and pixie pets are born.

And now we learn exactly why Jolly's prediction about Amore not finding love was right, and why there are no boy pixies. Back with the escapee, he has a slight fall on a cliff, and looks down at Alfea. Oddly, despite that his face is shown directly toward the camera, it's blurred out. As if we couldn't really guess who this mystery person is.


Now that all is well with the pixies and the flower, Sky says the should head back. Three three boys and Layla go back to the ship. Layla says that Flora should say bye to them. Chatta tells Flora to talk to Helia, and tries literally pushing her. Flora resits, worried that Helia may not feel the same way about her. Of course, Helia could paint a huge picture of Flora in the middle of Magix, and Flora would still be questioning if he really liked her.

Chatta: Boys don't know how to do these things, tell him!

Chatta's smart. Somehow, this actually got Flora to run forth and call to Helia. Her third shout is loud enough for Helia to hear, and land the ship to go out and talk to Flora. Flora worries that she'll be seen as desperate. Chatta is happy Helia is coming back, though. Flora stalls, and just kinda' mumbles stuff to avoid telling Helia how she feels. Chatta is very obviously extremely frustrated. After Helia leaves back for the ship, Chatta starts complaining again, and gets Flora to finally go after him and tell Helia that she likes him. As it turns out, Helia likes her too. Duh. Flora gets her Charmix.

Stella, Musa, and Tecna are walking outside Alfea, when they see the prisoner collapse onto the ground. It's Professor Avalon! Duh. Again. He is thirsty. Stella runs off to get some water. Musa and Tecna wonder what happened to Avalon. Tecna tells Musa to stay with him, while she finds Professor Palladium. Aww, Tecna. I guess she approves of them as a couple, too!

Inside Alfea, carrying a glass of water, Stella runs into the apparently fake Avalon. Stella asks how he got better so fast. Avalon says he feels much better now. Stella wonders how he was able to change his outfit so fast. I'm sure Stella would love for him to teach her!

Elsewhere in Alfea, Tecna wonders why Avalon was walking in the forest since he was supposed to have office hours at the time. Tecna is, oddly enough, taking her time finding Palladium. Whereas Stella was rushing, Tecna just seems meandering about.

Musa helps Avalon up. Avalon says he needs to see Faragonda, and he asks if he is supposed to know who Musa is. Musa says that of course he does, that she is one of his students. Avalon says he doesn't teach here, and that he was supposed to, but Lord Darkar had taken him prisoner before he could. Musa wonders who has been teaching them, if Avalon wasn't.

In Faragonda's office, Faragonda wants proof of what the real Avalon is saying. Avalon gives Faragonda the letter she sent him, offering him a teaching position at Alfea. Faragonda notes her signature, and realizes the letter is indeed authentic. Faragonda figures that Lord Darkar used fake Avalon to figure out how to get the pieces of the Codex. Tecna figures that fake Avalon put the spell on Bloom to make her turn evil. Musa says he probably faked being sick to get Livy to fly to Pixie Village. Musa can't believe their teacher is an evil spy. Tecna can, and points out that she was always suspicious of him. Tecna's probably going to remind everyone of this in any future instance someone says she is wrong about something. Musa says he was such a great teacher. Avalon says Darkar's magic is capable of great deception. Faragonda wonders why fake Avalon is still at Alfea since Darkar has all the parts of the Codex. Tecna says Darkar wants Bloom, that that's why the witches were sent to the resort realm, to kidnap her. Stella rushes in, still holding the glass of water, surprised to see Avalon in yet another wardrobe change. Tecna and Musa simultaneously shout at her "Where's Bloom!" Stella says that Bloom went to see Avalon, but rambles on a little, saying that Bloom doesn't know he's in Faragonda's office, or Bloom would've come with her. Tecna and Musa rush out, dragging Stella with them.


Stella, Musa, and Tecna have apparently transformed during the commercial break, as they are now flying through the hallways in search of Bloom.

Somewhere else in Alfea, Bloom has already found fake Avalon. Bloom asks why he wanted to see her. Avalon says it's been a tough year for her. Bloom says it's been even harder than her freshmen year. In Avalon's office, he conjures up an empowerment bubble, and tells Bloom to try it, as the two walk into it together. Bloom feels so much negative energy in the bubble, and wonders what it's doing. Avalon says it's transferring all of Bloom's power to him, as he sprouts his wings, as well as warpaint. Bloom shrieks.

In the hallways, Musa hears Bloom's screaming. She leads Tecna and Stella to where she heard Bloom.

Back in Avalon's office again, he bursts the bubble and declares that she now belongs to Lord Darkar, and teleports away.

Stella, Musa, and Tecna get to Avalon's office too late, and only find Bloom's medallion.

Meanwhile, Flora and Layla and the pixies have returned to Alfea. Faragonda tells them that Bloom disappeared, and was taken to Lord Darkar. They gasp.

In Shadowhaunt, Lord Darkar gloats that there will be no stopping him. As usual, he's only gloating to himself, as there's no one there to hear him.

Other Stuff

An interesting episode. We got some important stuff done, like finally getting Flora to admit her feelings to Helia, and Bloom getting kidnapped. But the whole journey didn't feel as interesting as it should have been.

If real Avalon could have escaped from Shadowhaunt at any time, why did he take so long to do so? There seemed to be nothing stopping him from trying to escape before. Heck, a lot of the mess with the Codex and all could have been avoided if he'd just made his escape earlier.

Why is fake Avalon working for Lord Darkar, anyway? What is fake Avalon getting out of this?

Considering how pixies are born, how are Livy and Jolly being sisters so special? I mean, aren't all the pixies sisters, essentially?

Who couldn't appreciate Chatta's frustration with Flora? Chatta wasn't the only one sick of Flora's floundering. Like pulling teeth, trying to get Flora to tell Helia that she likes him. Sheesh! Gotta' like Chatta all the more for it, though!

6 out of 10 on the old scale.