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Degree's Offered

You finally made it to the page you are looking for. You may download a worthless degree from any of our departments now.

Unlike a real college, you do not have to start with a B.S. here. You can go all the way to the doctorate level to start with. You need to fill in your name and the level of expertise you feel that you are at on the diplomas. Click the link for the diploma you want. Then add your information. Once completed, please take time to sign our on-line year book at the bottom of this page. We take no blame for misues of our free/worthless products. You act of your own free will.

Degrees Listed by Department

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Masters Program

Master of Everything
(Covers Every Subject)

Master of Lying
(Required for Legal and Political Majors)

Law and Justice

Juris Faux Doctorate

Doctor of Household Law
(Used by spouses to prove a point)

Drinking Arts

Drinking Sciences

Creative Drink Mixtures


Doctor of Country Music

Doctor of Heavy Metal

Doctor of Rap Music

Doctor of Rock and Roll

Doctor of Pop Music

Talk-Show Studies

Talk-Show Studies


Honorary Divinity Degree

Voodoo Sciences

Paranormal Studies

Ghost Hunting

UFO Knowledge



Home Medicine

Doctor of Home Remedies

Doctor of Snake Oil Sales

Doctor of Enema Procedures


Smoking Arts

Spy Training



Doctor of Edjacation

Doctor of Paddling

Doctor of Ignorance


Gambling Arts

Sexual Studies

Porno Acting

Sexual Positions

Hooker Management

Pornographic Literature

Redneck Culture

Redneck Culture

Doctor of Sibling Romance

Doctor of Trailer Park Culture


Professional Wrestling

Professional Wrestling

Know it all Sciences

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