"My favorite local record of the year so far. Bad-spelling member of Sun Valley Deth Trap, Mike Freemont spews sacreligious, schizophrenic, and sappy lyrics on a subtle and ludicrous soundscape. It's like he's filtering Noah 23, pastoral Floyd, dub paranoia, electronica and psychedelia. The low budget production adds to the charm (rather like that Raging Laziness disc from last year did, although the two sound nothing alike.) Lyrically, demonic penguins, trepanation, japanese pornographic animation, paranoia, poisoned grits, cybernetic prostitutes, serial killing fantasies, and flesh eating cockroaches fare better than dirty mouth braggashockathon attempts. Some gratuitously strange instumentals, a well-placed Jefferson Airplane guitar sample, tension, weirdness, subtlety, stupidity, peacefulness, mystery, from Chalmette. Play this or just leave town." -- Duncan of "Not Your Cup of Tea", WTUL 91.5 FM
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