Solar Deth Trap:
Formed from the ashes of the most hated (and talented) band in the history of St. Bernard Parish, Nuts Can Surf, Solar Deth Trap features the original NCS line-up Mike Freemont, Smoke Masta Dank, and MonkeyMan. They've collaborated with Society Hates Us And So Does Satan frontman Mickey Barka (a.k.a. Sonshine), as well as Mista Picch, Street Dogg E, Wicked Monk of the Valmar Boys and rapper Captain O.G. Readmore. The group is the brain child of multi talented musician Mike Freemont who writes and composes most of the songs himself in his home studio. SDT is an underground supergroup that features the works of all its members musical efforts. Everything from Mike Freemont's abstract techno Wodniw project, to MonkeyMan's self-produced solo project A.J. the D.J., to original Nuts Can Surf songs, as well as new songs featuring the Valmar Boys and Captain O.G. Readmore are all represented. They've been interviewed by people near (New Orleans) and far (the UK) about their uniqueness. And they have touched the hearts and special places of everyone they come in contact with. The group displays their versitility on songs that range from spacey rock, to hardcore hip hip. They've even been voted Best New Orleans Hip Hop Artists 2005 by Some of their songs have been compaired to works by groups like Ween, the Getto Boys, and Pink Floyd. But they are a one of a kind original... only to be found in the mythical land of Chalmette.

MIKE FREEMONT - lead vocals, guitar, synth, etc. AIM // @

MISTA PICCH - vocals, freestyle. AIM // @


MICKEY BARKA - lead guitar. AIM // @

MONKEYMAN - drums, booking. AIM // @