:: May 8, 2005 :: JUST ADDED: Tuesday May 17 @ Hi-Ho Lounge w/ Vapid Musings. It's Lady's Night. Ladies get in for free!

:: May 5, 2005 :: Next show: Saturday June 18 @ Hi-Ho Lounge w/ live Rocky Horror Pictures Show by the Transylvanian Electric Company!

:: April 30, 2005 :: Tonight's show will be a EXPERIMENTAL SHOW that people will be talking about for a long time!

:: April 24, 2005 :: We are proud to be a part of the Bring Beck to New Orleans Campaign.

:: April 16, 2005 :: New shows added & updated. More info coming soon.

:: March 9, 2005 :: It's It's official. The polls are closed. With 56% of the vote, we are the Best Hip Hop Artists in New Orleans. Thanks you NewOrleansBands.net ...thanks to all of those who voted for us. And for the non-believers, piss off. When the new CD is done, when the new tour starts, when the sky cracks open and the fucking hand of GOD himself comes down and smights our enemies, you will know that we are for real.

*** Check out MonkeyMan's article in the new issue (issue 3) of SiX TeN SPLiT. It's entitled "Groupie Tales". Guess what it's about.

:: February 23, 2005 :: We are nominated for Best New Orleans Hip Hop Artists & voting ends Monday! VOTE FOR US HERE! Voting ends March 1st.

There is now MORE Solar Deth Trap gear on sale now at
! You can also check out our Merch section to get some. You know you want it!

:: February 14, 2005 :: Keep your eyes peeled here for info on us hooking up with DJ Swamp in April.

:: January 26, 2005 :: Check out some cool Dellfold Entertainment merchandise on sale now at Cafepress.com! Check out our Merch section for the Solar Deth Trap gear.

:: January 18, 2005 :: There is a new track uploaded to our spot on MySpace.com ... download GUTTA CAN BLASTA featuring Street Dogg E from the Valmar Boys!

:: January 14, 2005 :: We are nominated for Best New Orleans Hip Hop Artists! VOTE FOR US HERE!

:: January 8, 2005 :: Here's to a new year... New CDs, a DVD, more shows (coming soon). Get your Solar Deth Trap stickers now before they run out. We're down to about 30... so get them now because when they're gone, they'e gone! Also, there will be t-shirts in '05!

:: December 16, 2004 :: Tickets for the TwiRoPa Show on December 29 are now on sale online Click here to order tickets.CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS ONLINE

:: December 7, 2004 :: Click here to read a review of Mike's solo CD from WTUL's the VOX Magazine!

:: November 19, 2004 :: Last week Mike's solo CD helped us grab the #1 spot in the top 10 at 91.5FM WTUL!

:: November 18, 2004 :: We're coming back to TwiRoPa! All roads lead to Solar Deth Trap... December 29th 2004. More info to come.

:: October 27, 2004 :: Pictures of the band's interview on 91.5FM WTUL New Orleans are now up. Click HERE to view them. We'd like to thank Ms Conduct for sharing an hour of her airtime with us.

Don't miss our October 30th show @ Hi Ho Lounge... it will be the Fantastic Ooze, us, and then Rebel Rocky presents: a live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We will also be doing a special airing of the D-Horror classic Black Voodoo Devil Doll From Hell.

:: October 19, 2004 :: Pictures of Mike Freemont's interview on "Not Your Cup of Tea" with Duncan (8am-10am) on 91.5FM WTUL New Orleans are now up on the website. Click HERE to view them.

to tune in on Monday October 25th when Mike goes back to WTUL with Smoke Masta Dank, MonkeyMan, and Mista Picch to go on the air live with Ms Conduct (4pm-6pm)!

You can listen live online at www.tulane.edu/~wtul or on 91.5fm in the metro-New Orleans area.

:: October 16, 2004 :: Tuesday October 19th Mike Freemont sits down and gets interviewed on "Not Your Cup of Tea" with Duncan (8am-10am) on 91.5FM WTUL New Orleans. And on Monday October 25th Mike goes back to WTUL with Smoke Masta Dank, MonkeyMan, and Mista Picch to go on the air live with Ms Conduct (4pm-6pm)! We're going to talk about our October 30th show @ Hi Ho Lounge, what makes us tick, what gets us off, and whatever else we can get away with on the air!

Listen live online at www.tulane.edu/~wtul

:: October 2, 2004 :: We now have a section on MySpace.com -- http://www.myspace.com/sunvalleydethtrap.

:: September 28, 2004 :: Click HERE to read our interview with Antigravity Magazine's Leo McGovern.

:: September 11, 2004 :: We'd like to thank everyone that stuck around to the wee-hours last night to see us close [N.O.]D.I.Y. Alternative Media Expo at TwiRoPa. Keep an eye out for us on New Orleans cable access TV. Mike Freemont, Mickey Barka, and MonkeyMan did a short interview last night and it should be airing in the next 3 weeks. We'll keep you posted.

Don't forget to check us out at the Hi Ho Lounge on Saturday October 30th, 2004 for a special Halloween show! It will be us and special guests the Fantastic Ooze, and after the show, the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Oh Rocky!

Mickey Barka has stepped down as a full-time member of the band to concentrate on solo projects. We are now a 3 peice combo again.

:: August 29, 2004 :: SOLAR DETH TRAP graces the cover Antigravity Magazine's September issue (volume 4), availible at music stores and newstands August 27th.

:: August 14, 2004 :: SOLAR DETH TRAP haunts the Hi Ho Lounge on Saturday October 30th, 2004 for a special Halloween show! Special guests: the Fantastic Ooze. And after the show, stick around for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

:: August 07, 2004 :: SOLAR DETH TRAP will be featured in Antigravity Magazine's September issue.

:: August 03, 2004 :: Due to circumstances beyond our control the Big Dawg's show has been cancelled.

:: July 29, 2004 :: Chalmette invades the Westbank! SOLAR DETH TRAP hits Terrytown @ Big Dawg's Friday August 27th! More info to come!

:: July 16, 2004 :: NEW SITE DESIGN UP! Pictures, merchandise, and more coming soon.

:: July 10, 2004 :: SOLAR DETH TRAP makes their TwiRoPa debut at [N.O.]D.I.Y. 3 on Friday September 10th 2004. More info to come!

:: June 28, 2004 :: SOLAR DETH TRAP returns to the Hi Ho Lounge July 15th with fellow Chalmations Dummy Dumpster.

:: June 24, 2004 :: We'd like to thank everyone that came out on a hot humid sticky Wednesday night to see us at the Howlin Wolf (June 23rd). If you got a free CD at the show, CLICK HERE & let us know.

:: May 02, 2004 :: Call 91.5fm WTUL @ (504) 865-5885 and request our songs!

:: May 01, 2004 :: Mike Freemont, MonkeyMan, Mickey Barka, & Mista Picch were interviewed by The Face Magazine for an article on New Orleans music. Look for it on Newstands worldwide May/June 2004! Or click HERE to read it.