For only $4.00 you can get our 27 song 2003 promo CD that features fan-favorite songs like: the Darkside, Thundercat Eyes, and Behold the Beast, along with new hits Mercury In the Milk, Don't Tell Mom..., and Here We Are Again. The CD is almost 80 minutes long and displays our wide variety of styles.
Sun Valley Deth Trap - 2003 Promo Disc:
1. Fake Ass Plastic
2. Mercury In the Milk
3. Behold the Beast
4. Blackholes (Trou Noirs) [feat. Sonshine]
5. Agent 3333337
6. the Short Bus
7. Keep It In the Family
8. Untitled Track 08
9. Once In Your Life
10. Guy With a Moustache
11. Gutta Can Blasta [feat. Street Dogg E]
12. Frames
13. Lita Ford Is a Ho
14. the Darkside [feat. Mista Picch]
15. Thundercat Eyes
16. Ella Menner's Plea
17. Don't Tell Mom...
18. Waiting For a Day
19. Leftovers
20. Sunken Ship [feat. Smoke Masta Dank, Ralph Kinkade, Silver Lover, and Captain O.G. Readmore]
21. March of the Dead
22. Here We Are Again
23. Queen Mother
24. Horizons
25. the Nightingale
26. the Vagabond's Journey
27. Tuesday

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