-- NEWS -- March 23, 2006: We will be playing at the WTUL Songs from the Basement vol 4 CD release party on April 1st at the Circle Bar! Also appearing that night, Ballzack, White Bitch with Ray Bong, and A Particularly Vicious Rumor. Hope to see you there. It's also Mista Picch's birthday! We will also debut a new track on the WTUL CD when it's released.-- November 1st, 2005: Tony Walsh III (aka Smoke Masta Dank) passed away in his sleep. RIP brother. We will miss you. We love you. We will never forget you. -- August 30, 2005 @ 3:03am Our homes and the studio are underwater due to Hurricane Katrina. And it may be weeks before we can get home. PLEASE GIVE TO THE RED CROSS TO AID US AND OTHER VICTIMS OF HURRICANE KATRINA. We all need your help.
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