Age: 25
Interests: Music, comics, fighting games (Marvel vs Capcom 2, SNK vs Capcom 2), indulging in illicit substances in general.
Other Projects: Valmar Boys, Smoke Masta Dank + Captain OG Readmore, Society Hates Us, So Does Satan, Nuts Can Surf
Favorite Music: MC Paul Barman, Prince Paul, DJ Swamp, Kanye West, Glory Bee, Sonic Youth, Ween, the Flaming Lips
Favorite Books: I don't read much, I did read "A Clockwork Orange" and half of "the Hobbit"
Favorite TV Shows: You Can't Do That On Television, Salute Your Shorts, Beverly Hills 90210, Chappelle's Show, Dragonball Z.
Favorite Movies: Scarface, Toxic Avenger, Dawn of the Dead (the original), El Topo, Holy Mountain.
About Me: Very addictive personality, my brain is fried from eating massive amounts of LSD. And I'm looking for that girl I can take care of and care about.
- Mike Freemont - Smoke Masta Dank - MonkeyMan - Mickey Barka - the Valmar Boys -