JUNE 16, 2005: Thanks to everyone that showed up for the July 16th show. We've had to drop out of the July 21st show due to scheduling problems. But we are going into the studio in August to start work on the new Solar Deth Trap CD!

JULY 6, 2005: With Hurricane Dennis approaching New Orleans, we've had to drop out of the July 9th show. The July 16th show is still on!

JULY 6, 2005: Despite a power outage by Tropical Storm Cindy, the new site(s) designs are up.

JUNE 26, 2005: New show added... with the Tomatoes, and the Fantastic Ooze @ One Eyed Jacks on Saturday July 9th.

JUNE 3, 2005: New show added... July 21 with Retching Red @ Hi-Ho Lounge.

JUNE 1, 2005: Sun Valley Deth Trap is now SOLAR DETH TRAP.