Take a look around enjoy. Here's whats new:

01.01.05: COMING SOON... the music video for "Lesbians On The Beach In Guam" directed by AJ the DJ himself.

02.16.04: "Eggplant Goldfish" has made it to the radio! Listen to WTUL Tulane College Radio in New Orleans at 91.5FM or click here to listen online. You can also call (504) 865-5885 and request any song off of the "A.J. the D.J. Is Not a Musician".

09.22.03: A.J. the D.J.'s new side project is coming together and will reign down it's power and glory on the Big Easy very soon. Visit the website:
Sun Valley Deth Trap '84 - http://dethtrap84.cjb.net

A.J. the D.J.'s other side project, DeLARGE, has claimed the #1 spot (locally) on MP3.com's countdown today with his cover of the Nails song "88 Lines About 44 Women".


"Old friends are the best friends,
New projects are always fun.
Very soon the monotony ends,
Because a second coming has begun.

Answers to this cryptic message coming soon. - A.J. the D.J.

The second CD single featuring art from
MonkeyMan Webpages & Design's Silhouette Series is availible on MP3.com:

Love's Rant - now on sale for $7.98 (CD cover)
Love's Rant

Track list:
1. Love's Rant
2. I Dont Think Thats Why Ive Been Screamin
3. $333.18 (1960s Train to Stockholm)
4. Lesbians on the Beach in Guam

08.08.03: Now on sale at MP3.com for you Mickey Barka fans...

Mickey Barka's Freestyle: 8 Jade Horses mix - now on sale for $7.98 (CD cover) Mickey Barka's Freestyle: 8 Jade Horses mix - now on sale for $7.98 (CD insert)
Mickey Barka's Freestyle (8 Jade Horses mix)

Here's the track list:
1. "Mickey Barka freestyle (8 Jade Horses)"
2. "Sunny"
3. "Lemon Squares"
4. "Freaks Of The Industry"

This is the first of a series of designs by MonkeyMan Webpages & Design. More of the Silhouette Series coming soon.

07.01.03: Today's MP3.com Chart rankings: "Sunny" is ranked at number 28 in New Orleans and 66 in Louisiana on the Electronic Charts (#9 on the Electronic/Drum'n'Bass Chart in Louisiana). "Sunken Ship" is ranked at number 31 in New Orleans and 93 in Louisiana. And "Freaks of the Industry" is ranked at number 40 in New Orleans and 118 in Louisiana in the Rap/Hip Hop Charts. Sunken Ship and Freaks of the Industry were both up against songs by Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Bushwick Bill, and Lil Romeo. Not too bad for songs with no promotion, radio airplay, or live shows. Don't you think?

06.26.03: Two new mix CDs are on sale on MP3.com for just $7.98 each. June 23rd 2003 (featuring Sunny, This Is Just Disposable Music, Even The Boy In The Bubble Had A Deck Of Cards, Lemon Squares, Wait Until We Get On The Expressway, Lesbians on the Beach in Guam) and a CD single for Freaks of the Industry (also with Lemon Squares and Love's Rant).

"June 23rd 2003"  $7.98 "Freaks of the Industry single "  $7.98

05.01.03: A.J. THE D.J. IS NOT A MUSICIAN is FINALLY released! And it is an ENHANCED CD that you can put into your CD-ROM drive and check out a cool interactive experience.

04.01.03: A.J. THE D.J. IS NOT A MUSICIAN has been pushed back to May 1st so 2 more songs can be added! Listen to Sunken Ship featuring Smoke Masta Dank, Ralph Kinkade, the Silver Lover, and MC3... one of the newly added tracks online now!

Listen to and download 3 of the 25 tracks on A.J. THE D.J. IS NOT A MUSICIAN, coming April 1st from Dellfold Entertainment!

Buy A.J. the D.J.s remix of Dream Girl from his upcoming CD today from MP3.com! All artist proceeds go to the Milarepa Fund for a free Tibet.

07.29.02: The title of my first [nonstop] mix disc is: DEEP DISH BOOTY PIE! Its close to an hour long and will be availible July 30th. Want a copy? e-mail me.