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About Discovery One

a maze in the sphere

(under construction)



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Discovery is without question the most sophisticated spacecraft to appear in 2001.  As all the other “space creatures”  shown in Kubrick’s masterpiece, its appearance is essentially a pure extrapolation of modern space technology. This is yet another example on how Kubrick was ahead of his time merely by examining and deducting from what was on the drawing boards of a large array of high tech companies like Boeing, Lockheed, IBM and Control Data. As we speak no other science fiction movie has come up with such a plausible, logical and quintessential space exploration vehicle.  This section is devoted to the volume subdivision inside Discovery’s pressure sphere where the crew is located.  There might be several layouts equally able to explain how space planning has been organized inside Discovery living quarters and the debate is wide open for discussion.  The above diagrams are just sketchy options to show how things might have been combined to accommodate all the sets used in the movie.

Special thanks to Ian Walsh and Stephen W. Austen for their precious cooperation.