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First name: Sergey

Family name: Karavashkin

Birth: 20.10.1953, Russia

Education: 1976 – Kharkov Polytechnic University, electrophysical engineer (6 years studying, independent theoretical M.Sc. degree work “Mobility of electron in liquid argon” marked as ‘very good’); diploma A-II # 095105 of 12.02.76, registration # 76167; average ball of basic disciplines 4,13 of 5-ball scale.

Work: Private Special Laboratory for Fundamental Elaboration SELF; from January 2001 the Laboratory is affiliated at the Department of Projects, Public University of Navarre, Spain.

Position: Head


  1. In 1976 – 1979 S.B. Karavashkin worked at Kharkov State Scientific and Research Metrology Institute as the engineer at radio electronic research laboratory

  2. In 1980 he worked at Kharkov Tool-making Plant as the electronics engineer involved in founding and adjusting the first in the USSR industrial ion-plasma overlay bay

  3. In 1980 – 1982 he did the similar work at Malisheva Production Association (heavy mechanical engineering) as an engineer in the new electrophysical technologies

  4. In 1982 – 1985 he adjusted the complex equipment at different plants as the technology engineer.

  5. In 1985 – 1988 he worked at Design and Construction Technology and Simulation Institute for Mechanical Engineering (PTIMASH), at the ion-plasma overlay laboratory, as the technology engineer. As the experienced ion-plasma overlay engineer, he worked there on the new overlay technologies and adjusted the ion-plasma overlay equipment at different heavy mechanical engineering mills of the USSR in the most complicated cases.

  6. In 1989 he created his own private Special Laboratory for Fundamental Elaboration SELF. This laboratory develops a few research directions, both theoretical and experimental; the main of them mathematical and wave physics are.

Qualification: S.B.Karavashkin has a great experience in the work with different complex equipment, as mechanical as electrical and electronic. He thinks non-trivially and can solve the situations. In frames of SELF, in 1990 he demonstrated the first in the world device for radiation/reception of the longitudinal EM wave (the portable device works at 30 kHz frequency). It was successfully demonstrated at the international conference “Actual Problems of Contemporary World” of Georgian Academy of Sciences (Rustavi, 1991), at the international exhibition “Life and Computer” (Kharkov, 1991) and at many particular seminars. In 1994 he published the first volume of SELF Transactions that included his five basic papers on different subjects. As a skilled mathematician, he has a number of mathematical works on the basic problems of mathematical and wave physics, some original mathematical tool and different related subjects. He has also a series of papers on philosophy of physics, history of technology and economics. He is a member of International Committee for History of Technology ICOHTEC (UNESCO) since 1994.

Research activity:

  1. In the theory of complex variable S.B. Karavashkin has developed the origins of non-conformal mapping theory. It considerably extends the mathematical tools necessary in mechanics, theory of electric circuits, hydrodynamics, field theory, theory of differential equations and many other fields.

  2. In the vector algebra he has developed the vector algebra basic equations for dynamical fields. It is an important extension of the scope and refinement of modelling for the field theory, hydrodynamics, wave mechanics, etc.

  3. In such areas as vibration theory, wave mechanics, theory of differential equations he has developed the new non-matrix method to find exact analytic solutions for a complex of problems on vibrant elastic 1D systems, both lumped and distributed, linear and nonlinear. This method will be highly needed in the field theory, quantum mechanics, wave mechanics, differential equations theory, vibration theory, applied mathematical physics, etc. The first applications to the mechanical problems, geophysics and electrical transmission lines, ladder filters and networks calculation have been worked out.

  4. In frames of electromagnetism, he has carried out a number of theoretical and experimental investigations of the EM induction nature.

List of publications:

  1. D.P. Karavashkina and S.B. Karavashkin. New phenomena in contact elements. Report at the conference “Ways to rise the electrical contacts quality and reliability”. Leningrad, March 1978.

  2. S.B. Karavashkin. The matter as physical reality. – SELF Transactions, 1 (1994), 5-15. – P.H. Eney, Ukraine, 1994 (English).

  3. S.B. Karavashkin. To the question of longitudinal electromagnetic waves. Chapter 1. Lifting the bans. – SELF Transactions, 1 (1994), 15-48

  4. S.B. Karavashkin. About the new class of functions being the solution of the wave equation. - SELF Transactions, 1 (1994), 57-67

  5. S.B. Karavashkin. The transformation of the continuity equation in nonlinear models of continua potential flows. - SELF Transactions, 1 (1994), 67-77

  6. S.B. Karavashkin. About some peculiarities of derivative of complex function with respect to complex variable. - SELF Transactions, 1 (1994), 77-95

  7. S.B. Karavashkin. Exact analytical solution on infinite one-dimensional elastic lumped line vibration. Materials, Technologies, Tools. The Journal of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 4 (1999), 3, 15-23 (Russian)

  8. S.B. Karavashkin. Exact analytical solution of the finite 1D elastic lumped line vibration. Materials, Technologies, Tools. The Journal of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 4 (1999), 4, 5-14 (Russian)

  9. S.B. Karavashkin. Some Peculiarities of Modelling of Forced Vibrations in Homogeneous Elastic Lumped Lines. Materials, Technologies, Tools. The Journal of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 5 (2000), 3, 14-19 (Russian)

  10. S.B. Karavashkin. Peculiarities of inclined force action upon one-dimensional homogeneous elastic lumped line arXiv, Los Alamos, USA, # math-ph/0006028

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  24. S. B. Karavashkin and O. N. Karavashkina. The features of longitudinal compression waves propagation in a finite-cross-section homogeneous elastic rod (linear modelling). SELF Transactions, 2 (2002), 2, 17 – 27.

Address: 187 apt., 38 building, Prospect Gagarina, Kharkov 61140, Ukraine

Phone: +38 0572 276624

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S.B. Karavashkin has three referees.