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Eva Stephanie delaCroix

November 13, 1965

November 10, 2000

Time in a Bottle

Webmasters admission and statement to the family and friends of Evie:

This journey begins December 12, 1999 at an online community called where Evie was an active member.  She was well liked by everyone.

The KnowPost community asks and answers questions in an open style forum.  Asking a question is anonymous, however when you answer -- your answers may be read by all members at any time.  I have gone through all Evie's 524 answers and made a memorial of her.

Think of it as Time in a Bottle...

I felt a profound connection with her while making this.  I think she was helping me choose what to include here. To those that knew and loved her -- this is going to be quite a shock. If you have ever wondered what Evie thought about something, it's here...

Go get kleenex...

It will be as if Evie is speaking, and in fact it IS Evie speaking, ...these are her words as written in her answers.  I do not profess that all included here is 100% true and accurate, but it is all that I could find at that I felt would be important to both members of her family and her close friends - in the coming years.

Joel, I have a big monitor so the font looks fine to me, but it is easy to increase the font size - if you want the type larger, just email.  If friends or family wish to have more mp3's or streaming audio posted, or if you would like pictures of her posted here too, there's 42MB of space remaining.  I'll take your requests.  Please click the chat feature below or leave a message there if I'm not online.  All messages left there during my absence are delivered to my email.

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