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Updated:  XWF continues through 2011.
Last Updated - 8/6/2012 3:00 A.M. EST.

Owner Update:  8/06/2012 - The XWF has found it's new home: www.xwfed.com

Owner Update:  8/13/2011 - The XWF homepage has MOVED to it's new site at http://xwfed.angelfire.com

Owner Update:  7/3/2011 - We had our FIRST EVER cyber sunday event on HBO, and it was dubbed the name - "Independence Day"

Owner Update:  5/29/2011 - The XWF celebrated it's 6th annual "Xtreme Mania" event on May 29th, 2011 from soldout Sydney, Australia- "Xtreme Mania 6"

Owner Update:  3/13/2011 - For the first time ever on pay per view. LIVE! from Carlos Shotgun's hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico. We had our annual event known as- "Xtreme Battle Zone"

Owner Update:  1/18/2011 - The XWF has returned for 2011 starting off with our first major ppv of the year, "COLLISION COURSE". We also have a special weekly installment of Showdown! set to return for the 1st time since 2006 ..it'll be the shows that helps start off the year, and leads us in to "Xtreme Battle Zone" coming to you in a little over a month! Where the winner of that, the soul survivor gets to headline "Xtreme Mania 2011". Just who will be there? And what's the latest with all this new talent signing with the XWF? Come to find out this week.. January 23rd, 2011... on Showdown!

Owner Update:  1/04/2011 - It's official the XWF has made it until 2011. That's over a decade of greatness. Thank you all very much. 1998-2011 ... COLLISION COURSE is Right Around the Corner! We have XTREME BATTLE ZONE on the way, as well as XTREME MANIA 2011, .. and also our summer pay per-view which will be IRONMAN. Please, stay tuned for more Xtreme Wrestling Federation action.

Owner Update:  12/05/2010 - "King Of Xtreme" results are already in and now it's on to COLLISION COURSE. Where we will be coming to you LIVE! from the hometown of War Machine, and "TV-MA" Mark Adkins in Chicago, Illinois ... with Carlos A. Shotgun vs. The Original for the first time in over 5 years, and Chris Falkenyork defends the coveted XWF World Championship against newly crowned King Of Xtreme, Stephen Blood!!! Don't miss out.

Owner Update:  10/03/2010 - "King Of Xtreme" Main Event - "The Mad Dogg" Jesse Jones (c) vs. Chris Falkenyork vs. "The Original" - in a Triple-Threat XWF World Championship Match. LIVE! From State College, Pennsylvania it is "King Of Xtreme".

Owner Update:  10/02/2010 - "King Of Xtreme" FINALS between Mars vs. Stephen Blood -- happens RIGHT NOW.

Owner Update:  09/22/2010 - The "King Of Xtreme" results have been updated! We just finished the 2nd round of the tournament, and Carlos A. Shotgun locked it up with "TV-MA" Mark Adkins for a classic battle!! Check that out HERE!

Owner Update:  08/06/2010 - The first match of the night has been posted, and "King Of Xtreme" has officially kicked off! The 8-man tournament will proceed throughout the night. We will see the return of "TV-MA" Mark Adkins to the squared-circle to take on Carlos A. Shotgun, and we will also witness a Triple-Threat (elimination style) Main Event -- between the XWF World Champion, Jesse Jones vs. "The Original" vs. Chris Falkenyork -- just who will survive??

Owner Update:  06/25/2010 - The XWF will be hosting the "King of Xtreme" pay per-view at the end of July, and the deadline to roleplay is set for June 30th. Who will walk out the 2010 King of Xtreme, and who will survive the "Triple-Threat" Main Event .. Jesse Jones, Chris Falkenyork, or The Original???

Owner Update:  05/16/2010 - If you'd like to see the XWF Decade Award Show, that help set up the "King Of Xtreme" card, please CLICK HERE.

Owner Update:  05/09/2010 - The ONE NIGHT ONLY results are up for "Xtreme Mania: Decade", and the official card for "King of Xtreme" is now up. We will be having a few XWF Network shows over on our "new e-fed board", and the deadline for roleplaying is May 5th- June 30th at midnight. Please, check out the updates, and contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Owner Update:  05/05/2010 - Finally we're airing the Main Event to "Xtreme Mania: Decade". It is XWF World Champion - "The Mad Dogg" Jesse Jones vs. Jon "The Man" Hampton - in a Hell in a Cell, IRONMAN match, for the XWF World Championship, with a special guest enforcer

Owner Update:  05/05/2010 - The Re-match between Carlos Shotgun vs. Christian Falkenyork - in an "I Quit" match, with special guest referee, "TV-MA" Mark Adkins has just aired -

Owner Update:  04/28/2010 - The Undisputed XWF Tag Team Championship Belts, are up for grabs, in this next Ladder Match!

Owner Update:  03/15/2010 - Coming up immediately following our XWF Undisputed Tag Team Title - LADDER MATCH - we will get you to the most anticipated re-match in XWF History. Christian Falkenyork vs. Carlos Shotgun - w/Special Guest Referee, "TV-MA" Mark Adkins ... in an "I Quit" Match

Owner Update:  03/06/2010 - To view -Xtreme Ring-Bell champion - "The Original" Jericho vs. Rage - for the XTREME RING-BELL - simply click that link!...

However, to watch "Xtreme Mania: Decade" in progress-- simply - click this link - for "ONE NIGHT ONLY!"

Owner Update:  02/22/2010 - To view -"XWF Hall of Famer - Stephen Blood vs. XWF Hall of Famer - Xavier Summers!" - simply click that link!...

However, to watch "Xtreme Mania: Decade" in progress-- simply - click this image -

Owner Update:  02/14/2010 - For those of you who want to be directed- straight to the "XWF- Hall of Fame- ceremony -- ONE NIGHT ONLY!" simply click that link!

XWF Hall of Famer- "Mars"

Owner Update:  02/01/2010 - HAPPY GROUNDHOGS DAY!!.. Seems like- it's certainly been a case of de javu around these parts. For 10 years-- ... dating back to our 1st Pay Per-View ever, "February Fury" .. back in February of 2000. Ever since then-- the XWF has only grown, and got better. Sure, it's had it's bad times, and it's down moments. Lord knows we've had our fair share of breaks. But, .. it finally ends.. exactly 10 years- later... it certainly has been a "DECADE OF GREATNESS".... and now-- it ends-- at our ONE NIGHT ONLY event. ..So far- we've aired- the CRIMSON MASK match- between XWF Hall of Famer- Crimson Tide vs. Cade Silver. We also- saw- XWF Hall of Famer- War Machine vs. XWF Hall of Famer- The Phan in a STRAP match. To check those LIVE! matches out.. go to the OOC Board, or click this link ... "Xtreme Mania: Decade" .. ..We will be conducting the XWF Hall of Fame ceremony next, and then-- the conclusions of the last Pay Per-View event- in Xtreme Wrestling Federation- history!!! ... You won't want to miss it... ... Also, we will be airing an 'XWF Award Show' immediately following our ONE NIGHT ONLY event-- and that'll be conducted somewhere in March. Thank you for all those who made these last few years possible. .. And finally... "Xtreme Mania: Decade"

Owner Update:  01/07/2010 - Well, it's about that time-- to say good-bye to 2009, and the past DECADE- of XWF greatness! It has been a long road, and a tremendous journey- that has lead us all- to ONE NIGHT ONLY! .. We here- in the XWF- have been around over 10 years, and even though we have closed on occasion-- we have always stuck together. Judging by our turnout- for our final event. It's true-- I never rule out a comeback, and I told my former- XWF President-- that I wouldn't mind making a complete turnaround with this company. I always loved this site, and this e-fed. I have always been a part of the XWF, and I always always cherish it! With that said-- MOST GOOD THINGS- must come- to an end, and so following our last Pay Per-View- titled: "New Beginnings".. we will be bringing you one more special event. ONE FINAL CARD- to do us all justice. To bring the XWF Family back ONCE AGAIN, and go out the way we're suppose to. It's been 10 years, and it's time to-- bow out gracefully. So, on January 31st, 2010... we will be airing our one night only event..... "XTREME MANIA: DECADE". You won't want to miss it!


Owner Update:  10/31/09 - This is XWF Owner/President - Michael Lucente. - The XWF had a successful turnout - for the SUMMER of 2008. Now, after- crowning our new XWF World Champion-- "The Mad Dogg" Jesse Jones- at-our latest pay per-view- "New Beginnings".. we have decided to return this year- for our ONE NIGHT ONLY event!.. After 10 years- of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation-- hanging around, and competiting with the best e-feds on the net.. we have decided to close- our doors- for good. We have had over 20 WORLD CHAMPIONS.. some of them XWF Hall of Famers, and if you click the link- above-- you will- be directed to our OOC Board. Feel free to check out- the latest.. from- RESULTS, to- BACKSTAGE comments- by- the XWF Superstars- themselves. -- To find our ROLEPLAY BOARD.. simply go to... http://members.boardhost.com/xtremewf ... the OOC Board, and the ROLEPLAYING Board - are the only two ways the XWF- communicates with it's loyal fans. -- ...Coming up- in less than a month-- we will be hosting our final pay per-view event.. in XWF History.... it is a One Night Only event, and it is being called.... "XTREME MANIA: DECADE". It should be a great card-- as we have the following matches taking place...

XWF Hall of Famer - Crimson Tide vs. Cade Silver -- in a CRIMSON MASK- Match

XWF Hall of Famer - War Machine vs. XWF Hall of Famer- The Phan - in a STRAP- Match

XWF Hall of Famer - Stephen Blood vs. XWF Hall of Famer - Xavier Summers - for Bragging Rights!

Xtreme Ring Bell- Holder- "The Original" Jericho vs. Rage - the XTREME RING BELL is on the line-- as well- as an XWF Hall of Fame spot!

XWF Hall of Famer- Carlos A. Shotgun vs. XWF Hall of Famer- Chris Falkenyork - in an "I QUIT" Match. Falkenyork is going for a 5-0 record at Xtreme Mania's - while Shotgun is looking to get revenge - on a feud-- that's been put off- for too long.

Also- the XWF Presents: "An XWF Tag Team Title- Ladder Match" - Featuring: Stephen Blood, Carlos Shotgun, War Machine, The Phan, "The Original" Jericho, Xavier Summers, Rage, Christian Falkenyork, Cade Silver, and Crimson Tide -- Who will retire as the last XWF UNDISPUTED Tag Team Champions ever?


XWF World Champion/Hall of Famer - "The Mad Dogg" Jesse Jones vs. "The Chosen One" Jon Hampton - for the XWF World Championship!

Will Jesse Jones defend his XWF World Title for the 1st time- successfully? Or- will Jon Hampton- score the upset, and retire with an XWF Hall of Fame- induction, and- the right to call himself.. the last XWF WORLD CHAMPION- in - Xtreme Wrestling Federation history?!

5/29/08 - This is XWF Owner/President - Michael Lucente. I built this site back in 1998, and have had multiple Presidents take over the company during the span of the last 10 years. I haven't been in full control since around 2001, and I've decided to take another crack at it. We have a lot of familiar faces returning for the Summer of '08-- which is going to be the FINAL SEASON in XWF History. If you'd like to be a part of this Summer-long event... join today. We officially re-open on June 7th, 2008 - for the Xtreme Trophy Gaunlet, and we will be closing at a very special Pay-Per View on August 31st, 2008. Don't miss out on the last 3 months of XWF existance... it's going to be a lot of fun. It's been 10 years in the making, and not a decade too short. If you'd like one last shot at becoming the XWF CHAMPION... sign up, and start roleplaying today. Our very first 'WEEKLY WRECKAGE' is in less than 2 weeks. Enjoy!

(XWF - 'HALL of FAME')



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