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The important Labyirnth literature that every fan worth their blue glitter needs to read

[Labyrinth: The Storybook Based on the Film] A plain text Word version of the transcript I have in picture format here in the library.

Here also is a scanned B&W review of this book from an old 1986 issue of Books For Keeps Magazine (which reviews kiddies books)

[The Labyrinth Novel based on the film] The whole of the novel as transcribed by the vigilant Stephanie Massick. Now officially housed by Walter Pullen

[Early Labyrinth Script] Owned by Walter Pullen, this script is vastly different from the final script. Has the stage instructions along with the dialogue.

[Final Labyrinth Script] The close captioned transcript by Walter. This is good to keep handy as a hardcopy printout for when you need all those all important references

[Labyrinth Production Notes] Contains information about the cast and crew (including the lesser known and acknowledged behind-the-scenes people) and information about the making of the movie.

[Labyrinth Computer Game Text Introduction] Not technically a Laby read…but it’s very cute and captures the character of Jareth perfectly; menacing and arrogant and just that little bit flirty.

If you want to download the game to go with it click here to go to Walter’s site.