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The SIM Files

The Purpose Of These Articles

I'd like to share with you, my findings, as I have expierenced, playing the Simulated Sports Horseracing Game. I would like to bring out different angles and ideas, as well as things I have discovered about the game, in hopes of helping to understand different qualities of this game.

This is definetly the most fascinating game I have ever played, and my hat is off to Mike Wallace, for making this game available, and also for the time he has spent in making it the most intriguing and life-like as possible. I say possible, but undoubtedly, this game will only get better in the future. (hard to believe)

I will use my own horses when I analize performance, I would ask permission from an O/T (owner/trainer) to use their horse for any topic that I would like to re-inforce. My whole objective is to expose useful information the "SIM" offers, then to add insight as to how this information may be applied.

By no means am I trying to tell anybody how to run their stable. That's another wonderful aspect of this game, individuality. As this game, for the most part, is based on trial and error findings, so to can the real world of horse racing. There is more than one way to win a race, there are many ways to train a horse, as well as countless ways in handicapping a race. The latter two; training and handicapping, are two areas I'm not going to address in this coloumn.

I only wish to report observations of the "SIM" racesand ways to view the game, other than through a 'viewer'. To bring into light other qualities that the "SIM" has to offer. Tools that we can use in hopes of having a better understanding of this game.

We are all allowed to visit each others stables any time we wish. We all should share the knowledge we have of this game. The less secretative we are about learning in this game, the better racing over all we will have. Thus, a higher quality and more competative racing. In this way, we will be making a great game greater.

Ofcourse, there are happenings in the SIM that aren't true to the 'real world' of horseracing, but, I find the similarities of the two sometimes are close, other times very close, almost too close. I only hope to bring out things that you may not have known, all for a better understanding of this wonderfully complex game.


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The SIM Files

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