I will never forget the first day I met Sue.
Little did I know that over the next couple of
years she would become my best friend. Sue was
an early riser, and when I would get up, open my
blinds there she would be sitting at a little
table with her coffee cup. She and Ms. Marlyn
would be working on the crossword or reading
the morning news paper.

Sue seemed happy on the outside, but I knew the
smile and her speech was not real. She reminded
me so much of myself a few years back. Like she
wore a mask so others could not see the
pain she held within. I just sat back and
listened as she and the others chatted away
over morning coffee.

You see, we live in an apartment building with
lovey breeze way. There are four buildings and
each of them have eight apartments. In our
building we all gathered to share coffee,
stories, dreams, wishes and hearts desires,
losses in our lives, our children, grandchild-
ren, trials we faced over the years

I noticed over the weeks that followed Sue
spoke of herself so negitive and one day I said,
"Sue, you are stronger and more special than you realize." She looked at me and said if I knew
what she had done and the people she had partied
with I would not think she was so special or
strong. I just smiled and let her be for a few
days longer and prayed God would give me the right
words to say to her when and if she ever asked why
I was so happy all the time.

Leave it to our Lord, He will always make a way
for you to witness to someone He has placed in
your life. Sure enough, a couple of weeks passed
And Sue said, "Shirley, no matter what happens you
are at peace, you are always happy no matter what
happens. It's like nothing ever upsets you.
Your children call with their problems and you
just listen and tell them to call back if there
is something you can do. Shirley, I would be in
tears and filled with worry for days! How
can you be at peace in times of trouble? I want
what you have."

I told her what I had was given to me freely by
Jesus. And it is there for her too all she has
to do is ask and she will receive it. And that
the joy she saw in me also came from Jesus
because His Word says, that the joy of the Lord
is our strength. I know that God is in control
always, and His Word says we have nothing to
worry about, all we must do is trust Him.