The Child Within

Within each of us there is the child
we used to be. A child who loved to sing, dance,
and play games. A child who was free to be full
of giggles,silly faces and telling knock knock

When was the last time you looked inside
and listen to the child within? Where's the
child that remembers the joy of cotton candy and
the way it melted in your mouth!

Can't you smell the cotton candy right now?
If so what comes to mind?

For me it brings back the pure and simple
carefree days of being a child...

The child within each of us longs to be set
free from the everyday worries and chores.
And a time when it was okay to play in a
Summer shower or run through the water
puddles. Why won't we allow the child out to play?

How long since one of your favorite songs
came on the radio and you didn't just sing
it you got up and danced!

Maybe we think others will laugh if we were
to skip down the street. Well what's so bad
about bring a smile to someone's day? I bet
within their heart they could join you! Who
knows maybe they would!

Why not join the kids in a game of hop scotch,
or fly a kite again? Are you worried about
your clothes getting dirty? Do you worry about
getting dirty while cutting your lawn or fishing?

Let's mix up some liquid soap and water and blow
some bubbles! When was the last time you chased
a butterfly? Or knelt down to watch an army of ants?

Hey guys?

When was the last time you put a ball cap on and
yelled as loud as you could,"Let's play ball!"
Or, "Batter up!"

How long since you jumped rope? Did you chew
bubble gum today and blow the biggest bubble

Just for 30 minutes open your heart's door and
let the inner child come out to play and show
others that being an adult doesn't mean you
can't giggle, play ball and get down on the floor.

Ok, some of us can't get on the floor, or back
up if we did get down there! I remember hours
spent with my Great Grandma, and my Grandma
playing, Domino's and I Spy. Oh, I love the
time I spent with them. Good memories, yes!

Come on, lets build some memories, laughter and love!
Let's do what we possibly can! For 15 minutes, let's
be free from all the daily worries and chores. Let the
Child Within come out and play, giggle, make funny faces,
have a pillow fight, or tell a story from the memories you
hold so dear. Pass those stories on to the next generation.

Just 30 minutes, come on, let's show our children and
Great Grand Children some games! The ones we played,
you know, the ones before the cell phones came along
and the lap tops and video games, just think of what all
they are missing, come on, it will be great!

~~Sept 13 2000~~updated Aug. 26 2012
Shirley Busby
All Rights Reserved


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