Study And Learn of Me

Do not fear, all these things, wars, rumors of
wars, diseases and pestilences must come. Hearken
to My Word. Do not listen to the World or their
lies. Hold fast to My Word for it is truth and
strength in time of trouble. Do not allow fear
to grip or take hold of your heart.

Fill your heart with My peace, My truth, read
My Word daily and ponder upon it day and
night. Settle it within your heart and spirit.

There is nothing that can harm you that I can not
remove, believe you this? Then fear not for I am
with you always, Study, study, study and learn of
Me, making Me first during your day. For in Me
is your peace, truth, strength, healing and joy
far beyond your understanding.

Received during Bible study and prayer by
Shirley Busby
October 21 2009

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