Peaceful Valley

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Peace In The Valley

Lord, I stand in awe as Your mighty hand
is offered to me. Only You know the loneliness
I feel within. In You there is peace and

In Your presence I've find my resting place.
Here in the cool of the evening I feel
Your love all around me and once again Lord,
I stand in awe of the blessings You have
given me. It's in the midst of the storm
I see You so clearly. You give
me comfort, strength and most of all,
understanding and forgiveness.

Lord, it is Your strength I lean upon,
for in my own I'm weak. You lead
me from dark shadows of dispair, into
Your light of truth. As evening falls
I can lay aside the cares of today
and sleep in sweet peace knowing
You are watching over me. Good
night my Lord, I'll meet You as
the morning light shines through
my window, and begin another day
walking with You through this


Author; Shirley Busby
All Rights Reserved

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