By Shirley Busby

For Kissofarose's Realm...

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~Twilight Time~

Have you ever eaten an ice
cream cone in the heat of the day?

Or pushed a child in a swing
while at the park?

Or, sat in the comfort
of an old oak tree
and rested in it's shade?

A friend can be like the
ice cream cone refreshing
and a welcomed treat

At other times your friend
may be as the child in the swing
playfull and carefree.

Full of giggles
and silly grins!

Then, that same friend
can be there to give comfort just
as the old oak tree gives
from the heat of the day

And gives you the strength
to face yet another day.

There is that one special friend
that is there by your side
through rain and the
bright sunshine

There are many faces of friendship
yet as we look upon this screen
that separates you and me....

We can't see the color
of our eyes or the way
we wear our hair

or if there may be
a tear...

What we see is the heart
of our friend.

The understanding and the assurance
we get when we look up and read...

"It will be alright, don't worry."

Or, when you share the
good times and you say, "Hey,
that's great!"

To encourage someone
to try one more time
or ask them to take
one more step toward
their goal
is true friendship...

To let them know
they are not alone...

Is what I call, One of life's,
"Golden Moments."

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SJ Busby
March 6 1999-2006

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