Go Ahead, Make Someone's Day!

Song Playing:
~Turn Around~

Have you noticed how some
people can turn your day around
with a smile or a kind word?

When your life has gone
into a spin that brings you to your
knees and tears flow freely
and when your heart feels it will
break into a thousand pieces...

Is there one person you
turn to?
One who does not judge you?

And they never say...

"See, I told you so."

They have cried with you and given
you a big hug that
brought comfort to your spirit

Their hugs and encouragements
brings peace to your
restless soul

To have a friend such as this
is the true treasure
that each of us seek

Should God bless you with such
a friend, be thankful and know
that you have a priceless gift
from above...

Share your blessings...

Go Ahead, Make Someone's Day!

YOU are special to me!

You always have a kind word to
lift me up and my day
is better because of YOU!

God bless you, dear Friend...

Today and everyday!

By Shirley Busby
All Rights Reserved

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