From My Heart To Yours

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Today as I enjoy my first cup of coffee,
I'm thinking of how privileged I am to
be living in America. Yes, to thankful
Him for another day to praise Him!

Don't you enjoy early mornings? They
seem to be kissed by the dew. Listen
to the beauty of the birds as they
too sing their praise songs to the
One above.

We take so much for granted, and in
each of our minds we often wonder
why there is so much pain and
suffering in our land.

My heart breaks to see the killings
and the mistreatment that so many
face each day and like you, I have
no answers to such travesties.

I do know that none of it comes from
our Lord, Jesus. It comes from
mankind, men and women that
allows personal greed and
selfishness rule in their
life and clouds their heads
and judgements. And most of
all their hearts!

There are some parents who are selfish
and controlling to the point of causing
or allowing others toe injure their children!

America, what's become of your morals?
Where is your compassion, your faith,
and most of all, your hearts?

Do we, think we are so strong that
as a Nation, we will not be held
accountable for the laws we pass?
Do we, or any other country have
the right to kick the weak and
helpless when they are down?
Shouldn't that be when we offer
a helping hand up with hope?
Do we, as a Nation have the
right to say who will live
and who will die?

I often wonder, how much longer
our Lord wait before He takes
hold of the hands of those who
dare harm a child! And the hand
of the ones that would dare lash
out to the eldery and innocent!

Our leaders must listen to the voice of
a child who gathers the courage to
confide in an adult about being hurt.
SOMEONE hear their cries!

Listen to the Mom that gave up her
job in the business world, to stay at
home and raise her children. Her
voice must be heard, loud and clear
when she speaks of her family coming
first. Instead, our leaders seem to
think she is not paying enough in taxes
so she gets no breaks!

Hear the man who works from sun up to
sun down to provide for his family.
Let his voice be heard when he
stands to be counted among the
many who say, "I am a man who
will do ALL I can to raise my
children in love and truth.
I will teach them that God
loves them. I will teach
them that honesty and
loyalty begins at home!"

Do not place a hand over the mouth of
the elderly, they have worked hard for
far less than what others make and have
so very much to give those who are willing
to listen. Their wisdom alone is priceless!

Do our leaders have these thoughts?
Or do they honestly believe, they are
protected under, "man's laws" that they
will not one day stand before God and be
held accountable for many of the laws that
they have passed?

My prayer today, and each day, is that our
Lord will open the hearts and ears of those
that hold these offices. It is their duty to
be the voice of the weak who can not speak
for themselves. That they will use, not
only the wisdom gained from their education
but will listen to their hearts when they
pass laws, or stand before the congress,
and agree on a bill that change the rights
of all people!

I hope that individually we will open our hearts
to hear the cries for help and to see those
hurting around us. And be willing to go that
extra mile for a stranger.

Those that have been placed in leadership please
listen with your hearts and you will hear the
cries of the people. Do all of you only hear
rustle of money thats slipped under the table,
or the promise of a higher position! Just how
much money can make you close your ears to the
cries of people that are hurting?

Far too many of our rights and laws are bought
and paid for by the blood of those that never had
a voice.

If we listen with our hearts we can hear
their cry for help.

Open the ears of our leaders Lord and let them
hear the cries of all the people!

Remember to pray for our leaders each day.
Pray for guidance to be granted to those who
hold offices and have the power to change the
laws of America.

God bless America!

~From my heart to yours~
SJ Busby
aka Happy Dancin

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