True Treasures

Stop, listen, look and take in your
surroundings. A gentle hush falls as the
evening ends. While a soft wind whispers
through the leaves, and sings a song to all
God's creation.

I wonder at the beauty of another day. Some have
gone about their day in a hurry and not taken
one moment to see the the beauty of a robin
heading to it's nest.

Some have missed the laughter of a child, or
said an unkind word to someone in their
hast to accomplish all the success they
seek. Many times we miss what is
really important, our family and friends.
They are the true true treasures in life.

It's not what we have in the bank or if we
belong to the right clubs in town. No, true
riches in this life can't be found in a
Savings account. True treasures are, Love,
Hope, Peace, Joy, and Caring for others.
These treasures come from the heart and
can't be bought.

The more you share those valuable treasures,
the richer you become. And when it comes
from the heart, it is pure and full of
life and brings strength to the hurting,
and comfort to the lonely.

These gifts should never be contained or
saved. You need to share these treasures
with all those around you so there will be
room for all the blessings God wants to give
you. Because you can't out give God.
The more you give the more He will
place in your hand, and through you, He can
bless others.

When you share a smile, kindness or a word of
encouragement or a hug, you get blessed
right back! Isn't that what each want? To
know whatever we are facing someone will be
with us to tell us, "Don't worry this to
shall pass."

Come on, make someone smile and share the
best gift that you have, yourself! Give
your time, your laughter and a lot of your
faith. Be the best friend you can be by
just being there. Because each of us
need a shoulder to lean on and a hand
to hold sometimes.


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