Today Could Be The Day!

Aren't you excited?

God's greatest gift to us is,
His Son, Jesus! He gave us so
many blessings and gifts! But I
want to talk about the gift of,

Children are to be loved and cared
for with the same unconditional
love, gentleness and forgiveness
that Jesus treats us with.

Yes, Today Could Be The Day...

That you begin to cover your children in
prayer before they leave the house
Did you give them the very best that you
have to give them, 'yourself?'
Or do you turn them away with words that
leave scars on their heart? Do they know
they are a blessing and a gift from God?
Or do they feel that they are in your
way? Harsh words kill the spirit and
brings pain that can last a lifetime!

Yes, today could be the day...

That you begin to heal the wounds made by
harsh words! And replace them with words
of forgiveness, kindness, encouragement,
love and with actions that show you care!
All these bring joy and healing to any one's spirit!

Yes, Today Could Be The Day...

That you hug your child, and let your
child know you love them! Tell them how
blessed you feel that God picked you to be
their parent! If you have spoken harsh
and mean words over your child, then ask
them to forgive you! You will be
surprised how forgiving children are.

Yes, Today could be the Day...

You learn it is okay for your children
and grandchildren see you are not as,
'perfect' as you would have them to
believe! And they learn that all
of us make mistakes, they will be more
willing to confide in you, about the
mistakes they have made and feel free
to ask for your forgiveness without
fear of being judged or called names!

Yes, Today Could Be The Day...

Your lost son or daughter comes home!
You know, your forgiveness and love, may
be what they need to set them free from
the hurt that has held them captive
for so long!

Yes, Today Could Be The Day...

That you open wide the front door to your
children, and the door to your heart, open
it up, and allow them back in! Do not let
your heart grow hard and cold towards your

When they look in your eyes, what
do they see? Do they see the hope you have
for them, or do they see the shame you say
they have brought to the family?

Parents, keep hope alive in your child's
life because without, "HOPE" none of us
can make one step forward! Made today the
day of new beginnings in both of your lives

Keep believing and standing on
His promise that, you and your
household shall be saved!

Oh Yes, Today Could very well...

Be The Day that parents and children
of all ages forgive each other and
our home becomes the place where
adults and children live in the love,
peace, and joy that God meant for all
families to have!

Remind each other that Jesus is the
unseen Guest in their home who is
always with them!

By SJ Busby
Sept 1 2001

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