To Know Him Is To Love Him

Song playing:
It Is No Secert

As I sit here staring at
this blank page
I'm wondering how to
best tell you how He
changed my life

How do I tell another
person how my life has been
touched by God?

Do I begin with the
out pouring of His
Holy Spirit?

How do I tell you, He healed
the memories and pain that
I suffered at the hands of

And the way He taught me
that forgiveness was the only
way to heal the pain

Do I tell you of the joy He has
placed within my heart?

When do I speak of the
gifts He has so freely given me?

Or how He brought love back
into my life when I thought
I would never be loved again....

Or how He turned my sorrow to joy,
and dried my tears

The list of what He has
done in my life is never

But the most beautiful of all
is how His Love
grace, joy, peace,
and His forgiveness is right
here for each of us...

God's Love is unconditional
and His forgiveness is ours
for the asking!

How can anyone turn down His

How do I tell you of
His Awesome Love?

Pure and simple...

God Loves YOU!

By Shirley Busby
All Rights Reserved

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