You Are My Strength

Song playing:
You'll Never Walk Alone.

Come, sit with me and I will share my
thoughts beside the sea.

Listen and hear the gentle waves as they wash
each grain of sand. My thoughts are of the
One that gives such beauty for all to see.

The sea breeze whispers through my soul giving
me the peace and the assurance that life is a
gift to be shared. Look, do you see the sea
gulls as they search for their food?

I see lovers walking hand in hand as each
share their dreams beside the sea. I hold on
tightly to Your hand, in mine, knowing now
I will never walk alone.

Each day we rush about our daily routines and
forget we owe it all to Thee. Do we remember
to give thanks to You as we hurry along?

Far too often we forget, all our blessings come
from You!

We cry out Your name and there You are, with
an out stretched hand, to hold and comfort us
as we seek the answers that only You can give.
Lord, let me not forget that I am Yours, and
that I can help others, only when I have spent
time with You Let me remember You, and You
alone, can comfort me when I'm alone.

Lord, it is You that dries my tears and
comforts me when all others have gone.
Many nights are long and lonely yet, I feel
no fear for You are with me always.

Just the mention of Your name and You are
with me. Thank You for your love that surpasses all
understanding. And for Your Holy Spirit
that gives such comfort and You are my

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Shirley Busby
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