Let The Tears Fall

I was alone, when for no reason
at all, my eyes filled with tears and in
my heart I heard, "Let the tears fall."

A tear fell upon my hand, I wondered,
where are these tears coming from?
I had no reason to be crying,
and within my spirit I heard...

"There is a reason, and there will be
many more tears, so let the tears fall."

A tear fell upon my hand, soon another
fell and landed beside the first one,
and another one fell on my cheek
and I quickly brushed it away!

And before I knew it, more tears were
falling and I asked, "Lord, why am I
crying?" Then I heard within
my heart...

"You don't always understand why your
heart and spirit feels the pain of
others or when tears fill your eyes,
and your spirit is heavy for someone
that I have placed upon your heart.
Someone that is in need of prayers,
or the strength they will be called
up on to share. They don't know tears
are being shed for them, or that
prayers are being offered up for
them, but they will have whatever
is needed at the time they need it."

By: SJ Busby
Aug 17 2001


A note from SJ Busby
Today, September 17,

After reading this page, that was written
only weeks before the attack upon America,
I cried again!

But, this time I know why so many tears
fell, and so much pain was felt in my
heart and the hearts of others.

I wonder why is it so strange to most
Christians, that our God has called His
people to pray and intercede for others?

He has given us His Holy Spirit to teach
us, to guide us into all truth, to comfort
us in our hour of need and yet, we
question Him when He calls us to
fast and pray.

God calls, spirit to spirit, to pray and
yes, even tears are needed to heal a soul,
or to sooth a broken heart, or to give
someone strength in an hour of need.

Let the tears fall, you may not know who
your spirit is crying for, or who you are
praying for, but know this...

There is a reason so,
Let The Tears Fall.

Today, I thanked God for another lesson
learned through His Spirit for when we
don't know how to pray, His Spirit helps
us, with moaning and groanings that we may
not understand, but His spirit understands
and who's to say that our tears aren't for
another's healing or their salvation?

Go ahead and let the tears fall,
Especially if they fall for some
Unknown reason to you.

SJ Busby
Sept.17 2001

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