Holy Night

An Angel spoke to me and said,
"Unto you this night a Child is born.
Just follow this star and you will find
the Child laying in a manger."

I followed the star, and thought, I
have nothing to give this Child for
his birthday. I searched and
searched but found nothing that
was fit for this Child.

I wanted to lay at his feet something
of value, but I own nothing that he
could use. I looked in every store
and walked to the next town, still
nothing could I find of any value.

Quietly I stood just outside the barn
hoping not to be seen. I couldn't go
in and just look up on this child.
Everyone who entered, went with a gift.

I turned to walk away and as I made
my was into the crowd, I heard the
Baby cry. I turned and looked back
it was then that our eyes met!
He was just a child, but it was
like he knew me!

He stopped crying as his Mother picked him
up and then his Father motioned for me
to come nearer. My mind raced and I
wondered, what could they want of me?

As I knelt beside the little manager,
The Child's Mother spoke, "You need not
worry that you have nothing in your hand
to bring, for you see, my Son asks only
one thing from any of us, That we believe
in Him, and The One that sent Him.

Little one, you have given your
heart to Him and there is no
greater gift you could have
given Him."

I smiled because she was right,
I believed that He is the Son of
God and I gave Him my heart right
then and there. As He looked at me
in my heart I knew, I would follow
Him for the rest of my life!

Christmas is the day we
celebrate the Birth of our Lord, and
Savior Jesus Christ.

By SJ Tubbs Busby
Page first made in 2007
updated on 12-12-12
God blessing to you and