Fear Not

"A mighty army of God will arise and come forth
from this nation. Those that I have called will
walk by faith as they are lead by My Spirit.

Many will answer the call and will follow Me.
They will not question for fear will not be
in their hearts, they will go forth as I
lead them.

Surly, My people did not think I would leave
them alone. I will never leave them, and
I will not cast them out. All who are Mine
will rise, and gather around Me, for My
Father will speak and with a great shout,
and they will go forth!

All who hear and follow. Yes, a few will look
as if they do not know it is I, and will walk
the other way! Those have heard My call
many times and turned from Me.
Those that follow, will see My Word fulfilled.

Fear not, for the day draws near to the time
when I shall gather that which is Mine.
Those that have waited so long and have
endured so much they shall be comforted.

Those that have been faithful will hear the
sound of a mighty rushing wind, they will
lift their voices in victory and songs of
their praise shall fill the Earth!

No longer shall My face be hidden from My
people, they shall see Me, face to face.
Continue in My Word, for it gives life,
and My love casts out, all fear!
Fear not, for I am near, so very near."

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