In The Cool of The Evening

It's in the cool of the evening I meet
with the One who fills my day with
His gifts and blessings. He's never
Late, and I can't wait to tell Him
About my day!

Sometimes we laugh, sometime I sit in
silence and rest in His peace as
His joy renews my strength. His
Love casts out all fear and I'm
Reminded that He will never leave me.

Our meetings aren't accidental they
Were planned the day He said,
"Come, Follow Me."
And I agreed!

You see, it's in the cool of the evening,
While the birds sing their good night
Songs, you'll find us talking, One on

I bow my knee, to the One who walks
With me each step of the way. To
The One who has seen me through
Another day.

Yes, He hears our prayers of
Thanksgiving, and the songs
Of praise as we worship Him
In the cool of the evening.

ęSJ Busby
April 15 2002

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