Change My Heart<p>

Change My Heart

Father change my heart and open my eyes so I
can see others as You do. I want Your
compassion, peace and love to flow from
me to another. Father, I remember when
I was lost and ready to end it all. But
You heard my cry for help and pulled me
from the miry clay that held me captive.

Father, often I see that same pain in
others. My heart goes out to them and I
want to sit with them for a while and
tell them, you don't have to fear, or
be brokenhearted, Jesus wants to set
you free!

Teach me to never judge another. Teach me to
be kind and to have Your compassion towards all
I meet. Each of us are in this world to help
others and in order to do so we must put the
other person before ourselves. Help me to walk
in love and forgiveness Lord. Open my heart,
teach me to share Your love, forgiveness,
compassion, and joy and with those you send
into my life each day.

Open my ears that I may hear the cries of a
wounded soul that passes by. I know you will
give me the words to say to them and your
peace. May my faith and hope grow each day by
doing what you have called each of us to do,
to bring all we can to You.

Light my path Lord, so I will not walk in fear.
Bring those into my that are in need of a true
friend, one that can speak truth and open
their hearts Lord so they will be set free.
No matter what has a hold of them. Let them
be set free Father and allow me to do that
which You have called me to do. To love others
to lay hands on the sick, to set the captives
free in the name of Jesus.

That is why we are here to do the work You did
while you were on the Earth, You even said,
"greater works shall you do because I go to
My Father."

Lord, lead me each day, fill me with Your truth,
joy, peace, and unconditional love for all I
meet today. I praise You and give You all the

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Written by SJ Busby